Where to find Healthcare IB analyst openings?

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I'm an analyst in a niche product group at a BB (think ECM/DCM) and dead set on lateraling asap to a Healthcare coverage/Lev Fin Healthcare group at another bank (internal switch very unlikely to happen). I've been combing all possible career websites for months now, but no success yet. Do you guys have any tips as to where or how to search for openings, and what's the best time of the year to lateral? Thanks in advance!

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Dec 9, 2012

i think networking is the best option you have. set up calls/coffee with guys in the group within your BB and they can probably get you in touch with the right people. i would also connect with headhunters. there is a lot of healthcare M&A going on right now, so now is a good time to be looking. lots of the top MM banks with through a flurry of analyst hiring within HC groups. you may not end up at a BB or even NY, but if you are "dead set" on HC that shouldn't be a concern. I would look into places like Dallas, Chicago, SF, Atlanta, and Boston.

Dec 9, 2012