Which school and which life? Bocconi MSF or Rotman MFRM

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Fellow Monkeys, I am facing somewhat the most difficult question in life. Hence, I'd like some advice from the forum.

I've been accepted into two finance related program located in two very distinct location--Toronto and Milan.

The first program is the Rotman Master in Financial Risk Management

8-month (yes, no intern, but have a project working closely with financial institutions on risk management),
Risk focus,
Downtown Toronto, close to Bay Street (Canadian Wall St. FYI),
John Hull teaches,
48K CAD and no scholarship (OMFG).

The other program is the Bocconi MSc Finance, heard it's well reputed in EU

2-year with intern in between two school year,
Placement report ppl entering GS JPMorgan MS BAML London Office, many to DB BNP, some to Lazard, etc.,(not sure if the financial job market is going to maintain its prosperity in the future)
Some 24K Euro for entire two years,
More preferable weather.

I'm a Canadian and hopes to work in Buy-side such as PE/HF in the future. I don't speak french nor german (the two most spoken language in EU to get a job offer other than London), but willing to learn if needed.

I have 1-year working experience in the States in Law firm focusing on cross-border M&A consulting. (not sure if that matters)
I might still apply for MBA after the master degree depending on where I end up in the next 3-4 years, Location wise I have not decided yet.

A little more information on my Bachelor degree: I did not finish it in Canada nor the States.