WHU MSc - Gateway for consulting recruiting?

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Hi everyone,

I am considering possible options for a masters in finance and wanted to know if anyone had valuable input about WHU as a target school for consulting recruitment in Europe.

How does WHU measure up to the likes of LSE, HEC Paris, ESSEC, IE Business School and St Gallen...(I have a good idea of the answer for that one but still wanted to get your input).


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Jul 22, 2014

Excellent school, especially if you want to work in German speaking world. UK and rest of the Europe are also an option, but I think it would make more sense to go to LSE if you want to work in London and to HEC Paris if you want to work in Paris.

I think it is safe to say that you will have a pretty much guaranteed consulting job after WHU at a good shop. Now, is it going to be MBB, T2 or T3 places.. who knows.. depends on you. The competition is strong and in Germany most of the people aim for management/strategy consulting and not so much investment banking.

People also have very decent resumes (some have really impressive and bunch of experience in interesting sectors, semesters abroad at solid schools etc.) so depending on that also you should make your choice. If you never had an internship at reputable company or any legit work experience it might be an uphill battle. But same could be said for other schools you listed.

You should look for old threads to get a better feel about how WHU compares to LSE, HECP, ESSEC, IE, UniSG. Also take into consideration that life at WHU can be boring as hell (this goes for UniSG as well). Again, depends on you.

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Jul 23, 2014

This also really depends on whether you're planning to live and work outside of Germany at some point in the future. With regards to international prestige, LSE is obviously your best choice. HEC is also well known. The other 3 you're naming somewhat less but you can't really go wrong though. But yeah, I'd go for LSE and HEC if I were you, best schools on your list.

Jul 23, 2014