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Jul 22, 2018

Lack of competence is probably the simplest answer. This isn't the college admissions field, so you don't have alt left idealistic affirmative action policies harming the truly qualified applicants. Just look at the gender ratio at Caltech (where affirmative action is not as prevalent): there are more than double the amount of men compared to women

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Jul 22, 2018

Disclaimer: I'm speaking strictly from personal anecdotes.

The women I met in college seemed far more interested in Consulting or Corporate Finance than IB. I think a lot of guys went for IB strictly because of the prestige. They wanted to have the biggest dicks and make the most money. I don't think women feel the same compulsion that men do to work 80+ hours a week so they can impress their peers. Men tie their masculinity to their income and prestige way more than women. The men on this site (myself included) think working in the back-office is equivalent to being emasculated. There's way less of that stress for women, as it's socially acceptable for them to be low-earners or work in social sciences. If a guy takes a job teaching kindergarten it's emasculating, if a woman does it it's fine and there's sort of the unspoken assumption that maybe her hope is to get married to a high-earning male and be a home-builder one day.

It's not cool to talk about it, but masculinity in adolescents is a high-stress, high-stakes image to maintain. People talk a lot about how women feel pressured to maintain their looks and blah, blah, blah, but men have a hard time talking about the pressure they feel to maintain masculinity. Working a prestigious and high paying job is part of that equation.

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Jul 22, 2018

Simple answer: On average the applicant pool is usually 90/10 male-to-female for investment banking roles.

Now why that is the case is because men tend on average tend to prefer prestige and higher paying jobs even though there is almost no work-life balance while females on average prefer a job with more work-life balance and that is more people-oriented.

Jul 22, 2018