Why the clamor to the right?

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I thought I would finally post on a serious topic for once.

After the Toulouse shooting and the Brevik terrorist act in Norway, I was wondering why countries all over the world are embracing right-wing policies more then ever.

France is firmly against Islam. The Dutch have long been of that persuasion. The UK is approaching this territory.

It just seems like society is becoming less and less tolerant and passing the buck.


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Mar 20, 2012

I'm racist against RatinaMaze, but otherwise tolerant.

Mar 20, 2012

Well, I grew up in Belgium which is very similar to France and the amount of arabs and africans is insane. They're not all bad, but 90% of them are fucking criminals, and after growing up witnessing and experiencing first hand so much shit from them, I definitely understand why people want them out.

Belgians don't even dare to go to Brussels anymore cos it's full of these fuckers. You can walk around for 1 hour in Brussels, anywhere, not just bad neighbourhoods, and you will definitely get mugged or arabs will try to pick a fight.

My last incident was about a year ago playing football with my friends next to a police station. Two arabs and a black guy came to pick a fight for no reason, as usual, and one tried to hit me in the head with a bottle while the black guy tried punching my friend. Next to a damn police station.

There are so many that they've become fearless.

Living in such conditions is bound to make people more inclined to close borders for these people.

Here: a station I regularly went past which is pretty much near the European Parliament area...which is supposedly fancy...


Mar 20, 2012

It's actually the fault of the European countries how they handled this. They themselves opened their borders for these people and imported them to do their low-paid shit jobs, but failed to integrate them into their societies.

Mar 20, 2012

They basically expect these Arabs/Blacks to "integrate" perfectly with the white native but its a bunch of BS and simply not possible. Obviously minorities with different backgrounds might not share the same bond that those with same ancestry might have, but this is a result of globalization and the Europeans have to understand that. The crime might be one issue, immigrants are never given the high paying bank jobs, but are typically given crappier jobs here and there and the high unemployment among minority populations causes crime. The reason France gets away with banning the Burka is because the Muslims their don't have power yet and the French natives (just like us Americans felt towards the irish, the Japanese, to Catholics, to blacks) feel that the new migrants aren't one of "their own" and so persecute the minority groups. Its happened throughout history and sadly the more diverse the country gets the more fiscally conservative/socially liberal the country becomes were every man is on his own. This I feel will ultimately become a non issue due to long term effects of affirmative action but globalization is a fairly recent phenomenon and were the first witnesses to its effects

Mar 21, 2012

The reason is because in Europe, they've experimented with multiculturalism and in the words of Angela Merkel, it's failed. For the longest time (and still today to a large extent), they didn't pressure and don't pressure immigrants to learn the language, assimilate to the local culture, etc. And so, with native birth rates declining in many countries, the people are noticing that their cultures are languages are literally dying away and they're all of sudden (in France's case) freaked out by the widespread appearance of Muslim garments in public replacing what the traditional culture in the area is.

It's gotten so bad that in London, it's literally difficult to find a stereotypical 'old English tavern' before you find some element of Arab or Muslim culture. They're making up a higher and higher percentage of Europeans' populations, and many Europeans are finally starting to wake up and realize that passively accepting all cultures to the point of not even promoting your own or attempting to assimilate people will eventually lead to cultural decline. And so, now is coming the easily predictable backlash, with more confrontations, right wing groups, etc. The bottom line is that now, Europeans are feeling threatened, and it's not without reason.

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Mar 21, 2012

1) You mean correct wing, not right wing

2) Because in Europe being liberal means loving gays and atheists, but if you are a poor minority that is keeping their shitty economy running because everyone is lazy and getting old without having kids, we fucking hate you and roll out old school xenophobic, neo nazi shit.

Listen, I feel Europe's pain. I think the US has issues with certain immigrant groups rejecting integration and assimilation. Once that happens you lose the fabric of your country. With that being said, I find it rather humorous the level of shit the US gets for being Cowboy Hillbillies and then Europe goes around banning Mosques, restricting basic freedoms and basically moving towards Diet Racism.

And Europeans can look in the damn mirror if they want to find someone to blame for this lack of assimilation. Immigrants are relegated to a 3rd class live right out of the box. They are a nice source of labor, but no on in these countries consider them part of their own.

The next decade or so is going to be real interesting in Europe. Austerity is going to be the world of the day, slow growth (if any) and people are going to look at these immigrants and harbor massive animosity. Just take a look at the riots in London a couple months ago. The level of xenophobia is going to ramp up with serious consequences.

Mar 21, 2012

Only fascism can save us now, get ready for the fourth reich

Mar 21, 2012

Islam isn't a religion, it is a way of life. Most Muslims can't integrate because Islam does not allow it. It's not their fault and they have a right to believe in what they want, but they don't have the right to divide a nation.

Apr 27, 2012