Would You Throw Your Associate Under the Bus?

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Fyi- I work in a tier 1.5 strategy firm in an emerging market with a very hierarchical structure for the consulting industry.

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Oct 23, 2018

Tread carefully. Throwing someone under the bus - especially someone with higher rank - can look just as bad for you as it does for her.

First step - get past the emotional state you're in right now. Evaluate this situation when you're not angry and exhausted. Take the long view and ask yourself "What's my desired outcome?" Are you trying to get moved off her team? Protect your reputation? Just being vindictive? Know why you're acting before you do so. And remember, doing nothing can be the smartest move.

Second - how have you addressed this with Lying-Information-Hoarder-Isabella directly? If I'm Isabella's boss, I don't want to hear you whine about her if you haven't taken your own steps to resolve this with her in a professional manner. Maybe once the dust settles you can hold a postmortem and address the breakdown in communication and then document your conversation. Being able to demonstrate that you've had an issue with her specifically and took steps before you escalated can only work in your favor.

Working for someone who sucks is a part of life. Most often the best thing to do is suck it up while you quietly look for opportunities to get out from under them. Good luck.

Oct 23, 2018