WSP vs. The Analyst Exchange

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Looking to take the valuation courses offered by these firms, has anyone taken courses from these 2 shops? Which one is better, worse?

Appears WSP is a 'cram' session and cheaper, where TAE is virtual classroom and more extended.

Feedback much appreciated from anyone having taken courses from either shop!

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Jun 3, 2008

It looks like TAE is cheaper

Jun 3, 2008

Hi, it appears that on an appples to apples basis, TAE costs $2,700 if one includes valuation, whereas WSP costs $1,799 for their 4 day crash course that includes valuation?

Do you know of anyone who has used these firms, or any other that specializes in teaching this stuff to professionals? Thanks!

Jun 3, 2008

First of all, TAE with valuation comes out to be $2,499 if you don't include the case study (which was simply awesome). I took both the courses and TAE is definitely better because of their one-on-one sessions unlike the WSP cram sessions. The instructor for TAE was very cool and helped me out with all my questions from financial modeling to networking, etc. I also suggest taking their case study which like working on a live deal. There M&A and LBO is way advanced than any other program available. Plus WSP teaches you comp and public analyses through an online course which sucks because you can't ask questions. TAE teaches you methods that are preferred by Goldman and Morgan. They helped me get full-time offers from BB.

Jun 3, 2008