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Yet to find a good up-to-date thread about A&M. Surely a decent place to be right now given we are expecting a massive increase of restructuring work.

Anyone have info on culture, compensation, PE exit ops.? Also do people pick A&M over big 4 consulting or even over a place like Strategy&?

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Apr 21, 2020 - 8:31am

Currently working in A&M restructuring team (fairly new here).

Obviously in that field our reputation is unrivalled, only Alix compare in terms of Debtor Side work (FTI are mostly Creditor side IIRC).

We have specific PE team - Private Equity Performance Improvement. They have very big exposure to deals with MM and some MF PE firms. I dont know about exits but the work is very operational improvement type so im sure PE teams that have those kind of teams are good exits for them.

Mostly though due to he great bonus structure (collections x % based on ratings minus base salary = bonus) people are very happy to stay.

People chose A&M over Big 4 because we are simply better (in Rx atleast 100%), pay better and dont have as much beaurocracy and 0 audit conflicts.

We dont do pure strategy work as I understand so comparison with Strategy& is moot unless they have a operational improvement / transformation teams too

Apr 21, 2020 - 2:54pm

Thanks for your insight, it's greatly appreciated. If you don't mine me asking, how quickly is work piling up right now in restructuring?

Also, I've heard a bit about the comp. structure and it seems like juniors here can make tons of money (even more than MBB given they are busy/top performers). Do you mind sharing a comp. range for analysts or associates (base + exp. bonus)?

Any more info on culture too?

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Apr 21, 2020 - 5:05pm

Ive been on a long term project so haven't really been upto speed with latest developments but leadership is very optimistic about growth prospects for RX business unit (both debtor, creditor and insolvency teams) and some big cases won recently.

again as im new ive only met my team really and theyre all very smart, nice and love the job. all i can say is that the comp range for my grade on glassdoor was accurate for my country. bonus can easily be 100%+ depending on your billings. % rating can be ~22-25% i think for more junior people who did ok-well, 29-low 30s% for director level then presumably even higher for SDs & MDs. So .e.g if you collect 1m, salary is 150k, % is 30%, then 300k-150k = 150k bonus. Unless i got it wrong and its 1m-150k *30% but i doubt it. havent had first bonus yet as im new.

Jan 12, 2022 - 3:46pm

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