What companies have the best/worst application portals?

A lot of companies these days just use Workaday or some other bs site like that to handle applications. Workaday is simple and boring but it works and it's quick. What firms have the most awful application portals?

SMBC is one. 20 pages of fucking bullshit and clicking different things and typing in different shit here are there, and the small ass text. 

Oppenheimer is another, simple interface but the always asking for 3 references is annoying, especially when I have to look in my contacts for a specific person's number or email.

Wedbush's is pretty bad, if you apply in the past your previous documents get saved for your next application, and you cant delete them, so if you apply to another job with an updated resume/ cover letter all the documents new and old are submitted with your application. I have applied to a couple of jobs and I had to start using another email since at one point I had like 7 different versions of my resume locked in.

Berenberg is terrible. You click the wrong thing well too bad you can't go back to the last page. Accidentally clicked that I needed sponsorship and couldn't go back to fix it. 

Best in my opinion

Cowen. So simple and smooth. Just upload your resume put in your basic info and it's good. Same thing with Canaccord Genuity.

Centerview and Ducera are this way too I think, You just put in your name, contact info, and resume and click submit.

For obvious reasons LinkedIn's easy apply is nice. Maybe I'm just a simple person.


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