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Bloomberg is rolling out a finance bloomberg assessment test. You can choose to have your score made available on the BB terminals. I think it is a pretty interesting concept. Villanova MSF students are taking it this Saturday. I might be taking it also. If I do take it I'll make sure to report back to everyone.

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    As stated before I just took this during the start of November and I just received this e-mail today

    Dear BAT Participant,

    We are pleased to inform you that XXXX has requested your contact details in order to conduct an interview for either an internship or a full-time position. We will pass along your information: name, email and confirmation of BAT results to XXXX in the next few days UNLESS you send us an email explicitly telling us not to.

    Thank you again for your participation in the BAT and helping us develop a new way to bridge together students and employers in the financial services industry. As you know, recruiters worldwide will have access to our growing database of scores and will request an introduction to you if they see a good fit. Your personal information will remain confidential until you give us permission to release it to specific employers who show interest.

    We congratulate you on your results and you should assume you have done well relative to other BAT participants around the world for XXXX to be interested in talking to you.

    Good luck!

    The BAT Squad

    Is this real life!?

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    I'm a senior undergrad at a small public school in the Midwest, got an 86% and the results pdf says the median of 2,095 scores is 57% so far... others scored 84 and 81, I don't understand why sample at-large has so many low scores like 40% or lower, the test covered very basic material and didn't seem difficult

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    The reason was because there is no limit to who can take the test. Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors can all take the test. At my school, unless you are a junior you can't take any of the real finance courses (corp finance valuaiton etc)...so a lot of sophomores went and took this test without taking a single finance course, so you could understand the low scoring. Also a lot of people just don't have extensive finance knowledge even if they have taken courses.

    Its a credit risk analyst position for the summer, interview is on Friday

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    Congrats on the interview. Tell us how it went!

    I agree about the low scores being reasonable. The test will be given at my university next month, and I expect several undergraduates to sign up for free. Some of which probably don't know a single answer to the practice questions given.

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    I also took the test at Rutgers and landed an interview!

    I think it is a fairly decent test that cover a broad swath of material. The economics was the most challenging for me because the material was not fresh in my head... i.e. Intermediate level Macro that I took first semester junior year...otherwise than that if you are a current finance major the rest of the test in general is not easy but if you put your mind and focus then you will do quite well.

    The economics section took me the longest because I haven't taken an econ class in three semesters...I am double majoring in finance and econ.

    Hope that helps!

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    I just got my score back today. It breaks it down by percentage correct in each section. It also gives the median of everyone's score.

    Finally it compares you to "peer" students, by year and major, giving you a ranked percentile in every section and overall!

    As others have said, the test wasn't very hard. It had some difficult questions thrown in though. I attempted to study, but it didn't help at all.

    Good luck to everyone!

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    Interesting, I wish this was available a few years ago! Depending on the questions, I think this may become very powerful and popular among not only the large institutions, but smaller shops, boutiques, and hedge funds. Appears to be a great and easy way to quickly screen for students from top schools with a decent knowledge of finance -- and these smaller companies may not have the resources to do on-campus recruiting.

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    I looked at the concept of the exam, and with a name such as Bloomberg it seems very promising. But where I go to school, there seems to be a huge buzz about the Certified Business Laureate Exam, which is hosted by GF Education Group. Last time I checked they were promoting their exam for free which is usually sold for $500. We have about 50 sign-ups at my school and we are organizing study sessions to get the certification of being "CBL certified"

    The company promises to have a job offer within a year after graduating or your money back. (well its free for now) so this doesnt really apply for us.

    If your thinking about signing up go to
    (hopefully there still giving out a promotional registration)

    there Facebook Page is Awesome,! I think every 2-months or so they do promotional challenges giving out iPads and cool stuff.
    check them out here

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    Ok... I'm British and I'm taking the test soon. I don't do accounting/finance so I'm concerned about the Inv banking (2 parts) investment management and global markets parts of the test. The only knowledge I have is just from reading lots of IB books...

    I've got my internships sorted for first year, 4 spring weeks and 1 summer. So it's just to see where I stand.


    Could someone please confirm with me the correct answers? I just did these now and want to know which I've done wrong. Ex. 2 - C. 3 - D. 4 - C. 5 - C. 6 - D.

    I know fixed bonds obviously go up if interest rates fall, i'm thinking floating ones adjust themselves naturally. Capital Markets must be related to financing; it's in the name. 5+6 are the situational. Can anyone confirm? Thanks alot.

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    I took this and it was not easy. This is essentially a CFA level I smashed with GMAT. Its great for everyone who wants to judge where they sit compared to their peers. I did fairly well and I hope to leverage my score in my future.

    I really hope this takes off and employers start using it.

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    Is this only available to current undergrads?

    "For I am a sinner in the hands of an angry God. Bloody Mary full of vodka, blessed are you among cocktails. Pray for me now and at the hour of my death, which I hope is soon. Amen."

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    Seems like a pretty cool idea, particularly if companies really work the recruitment part. This could be another good way for non-targets (like myself) to get on to the radars of some of the larger banks/firms. Also, feel free to do a search of your school to see how other students from there are doing on the exam. My school's rocking a low-60% average...Jesus.

    Kinda wish they had some more sample questions other than the ones they give on the website (one question per section....really Bloomberg?)

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    It is a great idea.... but it isn't quite there yet.

    In January I scored in the 99th percentile for 4th year finance students, but barely received any requests to view my profile. Bloomberg asked to contact me twice... along with two other small finance companies. I responded that it was okay all four times, but nobody actually contacted me.

    Even if nobody contacts you, you can still display it on your resume if you do well... so there is some value.

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    Just did it myself. Yes, the low scores are largely due to freshman and sophomores. It's good practice though, with many of the question prompts putting you in an analyst or intern's mindset: "You are an analyst at Goldman Sachs in the Investment Banking Division..." and then the question pertaining to investment banking. Overall there are 10 sections from financial statement analysis to ethics and everything in between.

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    Scored 84%, this should be somewhere in the 98th percentile. The logic questions were tough imo.

    How similar are the questions to CFA Level I? I plan to take level 1 in Dec next year.

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    I ran a search on my bloomberg at work on all on the candidates who took the BAT. It is ranked by the highest percentile based on filter searches like year in school, name of school, geography preferences, etc.

    It costs $2,000 to connect with the student/job seeker though so I'm not sure if firms are actually going to use it.

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    Took the test today.

    It was pretty simple but I was running out of time way too early. I took this exam way too lightly. I had to seriously just put answers on like 3 or 4 sections.

    I'll be putting the sections I did good on my resume though. Couldn't hurt.