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Sent a LinkedIn Inmail to an alumni of my teaching program (think Teach for America, with waaaay less prestige and located internationally) about 6 months ago to set up an informational call. He responded, three weeks later with a quick message saying he'd love to talk, when is good, etc. I responded the next day with times/dates and saying I was flexible and he never responded to that.

I am in my last year on the program and looking to get a little more aggressive in my looking. He is an MD, so pretty high up and when I googled his name, it popped up on a paper he'd written for the firm that also had his email address.

Should I email him or LinkedIn message him? If I email him, I might have to answer the awkward "how did you find my email?" question...

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Comments (9)

  • broadstbully's picture

    E-mail him. It shows your tenacity if anything (done it quite a bit).


  • TwoThrones's picture

    Can you send me a LinedIn Inmail too? Just message him from LinkedIn again and if he doesn't respond, move on.

  • BTbanker's picture

    Regarding that "awkward" question, I feel like if you can't find out someone's email address in less than 3 minutes, there's no hope for you.

  • hieverybody's picture

    I could either inMail him or email him (I have enough inMail credits if that's the question).

    The last time it took him 3 week to respond to the inMail so I'm thinking he doesn't check it all that often.

    True, it's easy to find an email address (for high-ranking peeps) but does it cross a line into creepiness if I've already messaged him via Linkedin?

  • broadstbully's picture

    e-mail him and don't turn back.


  • notthehospitalER's picture

    email. If you're worried about the potential awkwardness just say you found his email when you googled him, maybe he will be flattered.

  • pktkid10's picture

    Email. Casually mention it- will show your conviction

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  • zeropower's picture

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