Sent a LinkedIn Inmail to an alumni of my teaching program (think Teach for America, with waaaay less prestige and located internationally) about 6 months ago to set up an informational call. He responded, three weeks later with a quick message saying he'd love to talk, when is good, etc. I responded the next day with times/dates and saying I was flexible and he never responded to that.

I am in my last year on the program and looking to get a little more aggressive in my looking. He is an MD, so pretty high up and when I googled his name, it popped up on a paper he'd written for the firm that also had his email address.

Should I email him or LinkedIn message him? If I email him, I might have to answer the awkward "how did you find my email?" question...

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E-mail him. It shows your tenacity if anything (done it quite a bit).


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Can you send me a LinedIn Inmail too? Just message him from LinkedIn again and if he doesn't respond, move on.


Regarding that "awkward" question, I feel like if you can't find out someone's email address in less than 3 minutes, there's no hope for you.


I could either inMail him or email him (I have enough inMail credits if that's the question).

The last time it took him 3 week to respond to the inMail so I'm thinking he doesn't check it all that often.

True, it's easy to find an email address (for high-ranking peeps) but does it cross a line into creepiness if I've already messaged him via Linkedin?


e-mail him and don't turn back.



email. If you're worried about the potential awkwardness just say you found his email when you googled him, maybe he will be flattered.


Email. Casually mention it- will show your conviction

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Is this a real question?

I'd like to know which one of these, in your very strange mind, is 'creepier': stalking somebody through linkedin and messaging them, or logically deducing someone's email based on their name and company.

Email him, and don't for a second think he will ponder on the 'significance' of you emailing him vs messaging him on LNKD.
As an addendum, if he gives his phone # for a phone chat, you do NOT have to play it cool with the 3 day rule ;)


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