Hi fellow monkeys,

just wanted to post on here that I finally got the phone call for an investment banking analyst at a bank in SF...After 4 banking superdays, 2 wait lists, I was able to break in from a non target, semi target at best. I learned about investment banking in november of 2010 and wanted to get in. However, without much finance experience, i didn't get ANY investment banking interviews for internships last year. I ended up doing an internship in corporate finance and was able to get another internship in with a PE fund....This past summer ,during my internships , I expanded my network and sent out many random emails via linkedin and surprisingly, was able to meet many bankers...I went on networking trips to NY and SF right after my internship ended...I think I went to NY 3 times in 6 weeks....It was actually December and I didn't have any IBD offers...I had one in consulting and in corp. finance...I thought I would have to take the consulting offer but an opportunity came for an immediate start date with a bank in SF...I emailed them, spoke on the phone with the analyst, and he got me a first round over the phone. the phone interview went well and was invited to a superday on the spot..superday took place a week later and after 8 interviews, got the phone call a few days later saying I got the offer...In a short matter of 2 1/2 weeks, i went from having nothing, having exhausted my network and interviews, to having an offer...hard work and perseverance does pay off. Thank you WSO for helping me along the way and seeing the other success stories helped keep the fire in me going........Thanks for everything!!!

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congrats bud! always like to see perseverance pay off.


Good stuff man.

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Thanks. feel free to PM me or ask me anything as I would like to pay it forward in the WSO community...


That's great man, best of luck with the new job

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What school? just curious. Can you PM me if ur not comfortable writing online?


BYU. also some people have been asking about my previous experience...
i did an internship with a car company in detroit and a small pe fund in houston this past summer......on campus internships with a fixed income company and a mm investment bank were done during the school year...few years experience selling door to door and officer in the investment banking club...




I thought BYU was like semi-target?


i'm sure it could be, that's why i put semi target at best......we had maybe 3 banks for ocr...one was a BB but for west coast....


Congrats! good job


congrats thanks for sharing your story

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Congrats...great story


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