What are the major options for summer interns in NYC? I've only been to the city twice before (for interviews) and I'm kinda lost as to where to live. I've heard of NYU/Columbia/EHS. Any other good close, economical housing around?

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I was at the New Yorker Hotel on 34th and 8th. It was around 5k I believe for summer internship for a single and less for a double.

Certainly isn't great, but then again everything is expensive in the city. It had a great location. The other thing to do would be to look to sublet.

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I've always heard people recommend NYU, if only because everyone living there is in similar situations and when you actually do have downtime there's people around to meet and hang out with.

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Go with NYU. It's the best location and price (at least that's the conclusion I came to last year when I was researching). Palladium Hall is the shit.


Thanks. I'll check all these out. Hopefully one of their locations puts me close to BofA.




You've probably made a decision by now, but the Marymount Manhattan is a good option. I'm interning for BofA as well this summer and it's roughly 12 blocks away.

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