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Anyone know the placement for analysts at perella weinberg for this year or past years? Please answer if you actually know rather than guess.

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    If you have perella weinberg on your resume, you're pretty much guaranteed to get into harvard, stanford, or wharton --> is it because its that good or more because its so selective that those kids were gonna get into harvard/stanford anyway?

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    Of course. I rank banks using a very sophisticated algorithm based on the following:

    Y = 0.25α + .385μ + 24.5ε + .084θ + ο*α/5.67043 + π^2 + γ + .000560β * λ + .0045ω


    α is current US M&A league table position for transactions above $545m, below $3.45bn, announced not withdrawn, previous thirteen months, by volume
    μ is global sell-side league table position for media transactions from 2007-2008, announced not withdrawn, above $46m, by volume
    ε is number of analysts in the 2009 incoming class
    θ is the number of analysts from the 2007 incoming class who have been laid off
    ο is the number of associates in the incoming 2010 class from HBS plus the number from Booth times 1.45
    π is (approximately) 3.14159265
    γ is the number of analysts at the bank divided by the number of secretaries, less the banks distance from the wall street bull in bars of gold, times the current level of the DJII, plus 2
    β is the bank's beta verse the relevant local index (estimated for partnerships)
    ω is the number of former employees currently serving in the US treasury

    Based on this algorithm, all of the banks you queried about are decent.