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Reuters IBD Global Review 2015

Sup monkeys, here is super detailed analysis of market share, fee share, broken down by division and by...

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Woman Awarded $18M in Sexual Harassment Suit Against Wall Street Boss

No doubt that the CEO made some pretty terrible decisions, and surely he deserves some punishment for...

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In case you missed our April 27th webinar entitled Investing in PE and VC Funds , have no fear. The full...

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How to negotiate 3rd year analyst salary w/ Big 4 MM IB?

I'm interviewing for a 3rd year analyst position at a big 4 MM IB. I have 4 years of work experience, 2 at a...

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Summer London internship visa process for US citizens

Hello everyone, I am curious as to how the Visa process works for US undergraduates looking for a junior...

Job Search Advice
Notes from a Girl in Consulting (and Finance)

I've had a great and interesting journey so far, and to be honest, I'm not sure what I want to do finally -...

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How do you guys deal with negative press about finance?

Finance-hate is so common, that almost anything related to the ills of the finance industry passes as news...

Rewind - Week in the life of a Sports Consultant (UK) + How I Broke In + Q&A

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Altucher: Don't Go to College

Mod Note (Andy): Best of Eddie, this was posted on 2/9/11. Old video got taken down, but this one is pretty relevant. I can almost hear the collective gasps from the peanut gallery as you guys watch this, but Formula Capital's James Altucher thinks college is a sucker's bet. Well, not really. But he thinks it can be a really bad move to go straight from high school into college, and he makes some great points. Why shouldn't everyone try to start their own business, if for nothing else but the experience? I really want to hear your feedback on this one, and try to think outside the box a little.

Investment Banking
Exit opps from a regional boutique

I am currently interning at a regional boutique (super regional) with a 5 person team in NYC focusing on the...

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