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I'm so pathetic--I can't get past 1st round Interviews

Background: A Finance Major at an Ivy League. 3.8 GPA . Junior Year right now. Had two solid internships at botiques (one unrelated, one equity research at investment management last year) in the past. Goldman Investment Management Interview: rejected after 1st round Hedge fund Summer analyst Interview: rejected after 1st round PE Summer Analyst: rejected after 1st round

Monday @Mentions January 12, 2015

Happy Monday WSO! Upcoming events: 3 webinars scheduled this week! Join us at 5pm et TODAY for a webinar...

2015: Not a happy beginning for the Euro Zone

The New Year has ushered in with a bitter aftertaste for the Euro zone. On one side, it is threatened by the...

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Questions Hall of Fame

Collection of the best WSO questions of all time

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Tax evasion is totally out of control but creates investment opportunity

Recently, I've been looking to buy an existing small business in order to deploy some of my idle financial resources that have been sitting on the side due to inflated real estate asset prices. I've got investors lined up ready to invest in a business with me. All I need to do is find a business with an acceptable business model and decent financials. I've had serious conversations with 3 or 4 businesses the last 2 months. In each case, I've been informed by the owners that they have been cheating on their taxes. I'm told that the tax returns don't reflect the financial strength of the business *wink wink*, and that all I need to do is to see their sales figures or spend a few days at the business to observe foot traffic.

Job Search Advice
AMA: Investment Manager at Emerging Market

- 10 years of experience in finance - 5+ years of experience in investment banking and private equity...

Investment Banking
Staying Sane During Recruitment | Tips and Pointers

Introduction Fellow monkeys, got bored watching the Redskins try to act like they're a real team this season so I decided to put down some thoughts into writing. This post is about my experience this past semester with recruiting, both my success and failures, in hopes of giving a helping hand to those who are powering through the Wall Street interview process. Quick Background: Semi-target without a 4.0 or an MD referral who ended up with a dream offer. Anyways, let's get started with this low quality BuzzFeed listicle. 1. Find a Champion

Think and Grow Rich

This is the second book review in a series of installments that will be coming from my recently launched...

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