Leo Lukenas was his name. Fundraiser for His Family is Here. (Bank of America Associate that passed away)

Dearest Primates,

I just got off the phone with Leo's brother (Les) and now that the funeral is planned and the family has had a bit more time to process, the focus is now on taking care of his family.

There is a fundraiser going on here and I'd encourage you to donate what you can.

Leo-LukenasAbout the Campaign

Leo Lukenas was a son, brother, husband, Green Beret, and most importantly, a father. He spent over a decade in Army Special Operations, deploying multiple times with 1st Special Forces Group. Leo was dedicated to everything he did, never settling for good enough. He always set the example and held himself to the highest standards, prioritizing the team and mission success over himself. With the heart of a lion, Leo always fought to defend what was right.

Tragically, Leo passed away on May 2, 2024, leaving behind his wife and two children. His greatest dream was to provide for his family. Driven by a desire for new challenges, Leo transitioned out of the military to pursue new opportunities for his family. Now, in remembrance of Leo, it's our duty to support his family just like he would have done for all of us.

If you can, we kindly ask that you donate to Leo's family. Your contribution will help ensure his wife and children receive the support and care they deserve during this difficult time. Every donation makes a difference.

De Oppresso Liber

Donate here.


Agreed. I just hope, that despite the immense grief and pain the family must be going through right now, they have retained good counsel to advise them on receiving compensation from BofA, that will not bring back their loved one, but will at least make sure his wife, kids and extended family are taken care of.


I'm donating and hope they use a chunk of change on a lawyer. BofA owes them likely upwards of $10M. If a settlement happens we'll likely never hear about it however. 


Can anyone at BofA provide an update on wtf is going on over there? It seems like absolutely nothing. Their lack of action here has been deplorable.

Is there any evidence he died from overworking or is it still speculation?


I’ve been in this industry 15 years (m&a BB) and not surprised one bit. It’s not just the top of boa but even their juniors have always been moral-less asshats too. The toxicity is perpetuated at every level there. Do not expect any change


Legit concern and yes there are some unfortunate collateral dmg.

However, in this case top talents will lateral out, as an effective way to handle “another 100 guys will fill this position”


For those BofA ANs MSed me, I think this recommendation is appropriate given nothing happened yesterday

“There are costs and risks to a program of action, but they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” — JFK


Leo’s death cannot be in vain. BofA and everyone involved needs to face severe consequences!!! Justice for Leo and his family


The people in charge of the UMB deal and FIG group at BofA deserve jail time and to be stripped of their FINRA licenses. This is inexcusable.

Either they knew how much he was working and didn’t care, or were ignorant to his workload and kept on the throttle anyway. Any way you look at it, this is a complete failure in leadership and accountability. Typical banker behavior - as long as the fees are paid, the machine keeps churning. Just another day at BofA, plenty more hungry MBAs ready to replace him in a few weeks.

Fucking disgusting.


Very likely. He tends to give in $10,000 even denominations, from what I have seen with a few causes, previously.

At a certain level, people tend to follow a certain pattern of giving, to the extent that some organizations will almost assume the amount, at times, when fundraising.

So, yes, I believe it's him.

Investor (30+ years); IB/RE/PE/Corp (MD level); currently, head of boutique private equity firm; principal of family office.

Disgraceful for BoA. A wealthy bank with trillions in assets and a dead employee they helped kill needs to do a fundraiser.

I'm not a big hitter or anything yet but I will for the most part refuse to work with BoA and refuse to hire any of their employees.

People need to blackball this bank.

And please bill ackman go public on this.


It's a culture problem that will never change. IB attracts hyper-competitive, workaholics, and overachievers with high ambition. They will always work these hours.


they should do the right thing and fire a bunch of senior bankers as well


Leo represented the best humanity had to offer. This isn’t a charity case, this has nothing to do with BofA or IB. It is simply an opportunity to show a small bit of support to Leo’s grieving wife and two children who have been robbed of a husband and father. A small show of gratitude and appreciation to a mother, father, and brother who have all lost a part of themselves through this tragedy.

No amount of money could ever make this loss any less of an absolute fucking loss. Leo’s legacy and impact were cemented long before he entered banking, on a level that could never be truly understood or appreciated by this community, frankly speaking.

I encourage everyone to donate but to do so out of a sense of respect for Leo, the life he led, and his family who made him the incredible person that he was. Leave the rest of it at the door. DOL


I’m sure it’ll go unnoticed, but big up to Bill Ackman who donated $10k about 7 hours ago. Guess he reads WSO.

BofA FIG alum out of London office from a few years ago. Wouldn’t be surprised if a couple people met a similar fate soon if they continued working the hours I saw back then.


Bill does not read WSO rest assured. He saw it on twitter and even posted about his donation there.


Just donated. What a beautiful family. God, please embrace them as they endure this tremendous hardship. I held my first born tight this morning after seeing that pic. Sigh. 

WSO - thank you for posting.