GS Elevator Gossip 5/23-6/6

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5/23/12 #1: All-time yield lows, spread product selling, swap spreads pushing wider & Europe still fucked. I've seen this movie before.

5/24/12 #1 [On cell phone]: Goldman fucking Sachs. Ever heard of it? [Click]

6/3/12 #1: Once my girlfriend starts looking more like Posh Spice, I'll let her start spending more like Posh Spice. #2: Dude, aim higher.

6/5/12 #1: The only thing more badass than you being yourself, is you being me.

6/5/12 #1: Dude, don't blame chicks for their insecurities. Most fairy tales teach girls that only men can save them.

6/6/12 #1: If you can't use Excel without a mouse, keep your resume updated. 390 Greenwich is just down the street.

6/6/12 [Asian guy] #1: I wake up every day ready to bite the ass off a bear. [#2 behind him rolls eyes & makes jerk-off hand motion]

Things heard in the Goldman Sachs elevators do not stay in the Goldman Sachs elevators. Email what you hear to [email protected].

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Jun 7, 2012

Best twitter account...ever

Jun 7, 2012

These ones seem a lot less contrived, I like.

Jun 7, 2012