How to Dress for Success on Wall Street (Part 3)

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Hi everyone,

We're back this week with Part 3 of the Jon Yeazel interview, How to Dress for Success on Wall Street.

Q: What type of suit or suits should every businessman own?

Typically the five suits that every businessman should own are:

1. Solid Navy
2. Pinstripe Navy
3. Solid Black
4. Grey
5. Khaki Cotton

We all have different preferences but these suits will act as a solid foundation for your wardrobe to be built upon. You can dress them up, down and everywhere in-between. Think of each suit as a blank canvas. Once you have a great quality suit that fits you well, everything else is icing on the cake. You will find that when you're confident in how your suit fits by itself, you will naturally become more willing to try out different color combinations, other accessories that you normally wouldn't wear, and you will slowly begin to develop your own signature style that people will remember you by.

Q: What brands do you recommend in the low, medium, and high range?

This question hits somewhat of a pain point for me. Too often I see men focusing on buying the $1,000+ off the rack designer suit as they think this is how to be in style and current. This could not be farther from the truth. You have to be aware that in most cases a salesman will tell you anything to get you to buy a suit with as little work as possible for him and his employer.

As a consultant I focus on two things:

1. Style
2. Cost

My job is to make you look better than ever before and surprisingly spend less than ever before while doing so. If you are the guy who is consistently buying $1000+ off the rack suits I would strongly suggest finding a custom clothier in your area and getting one of their starter packages for a custom suit which will usually run in the range of $700 - $1200 depending on the company. The fabric on these suits will still be pristine but you will be buying a suit fit specifically to your shape, not the general populations.

Suit companies use something called a "Drop 6" when it comes to mass production. This means that on average, most men who have a jacket size of 42 will have a waist size of 36. You can't blame them because they are producing garments on such a large scale, but if you want to set yourself apart, custom is king.

As for accessories I buy most of my Tie's and Pocket Squares at Nowhere else in the world will you find ties that compete with their prices ($15 for every tie on the site) and $8 - $10 per pocket square while also having the same quality as ties you'll find in department stores in the $45 - $55 price range. The Tie Bar's "trenditional" line of ties are a perfect balance between the classic 3.5" width ties of the 90's and the super skinny 2" ties of the modern era. I would go with the 2" before I went with the 3.5" but at the 3" width, trenditional is safe for any occasion.

Check back next week for the final installment of the Jon Yeazel interview. For more information on Jon and his consulting services check out