New video from HBS professor Deepak Malhotra

Hi Andrew,
I just posted a new video that you and your Wall Street Oasis community may find interesting. It's a lecture I gave to HBS students on "Negotiating Your Job Offer". It is 15 pieces of advice, followed by some Q&A. I hadn't planned on making it widely available, but then discovered that I had no answer to the many folks who asked "why not?". :) Just wanted to let you know in case you find it to be of value, and worth sharing with others.

See another speech by prof Malhotra:

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Love it; wish I had this a few months back when an offer I received ended in no deal (although it was a nice improvement over what I already had).


Thank you! Happy thanksgiving.

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Fantastic video. I don't think the girl introducing the speaker is going anywhere fast though.


Fantastic video. I don't think the girl introducing the speaker is going anywhere fast though.

I thought the same exact thing "this is the best they could come up with?"


Dr. Malhotra makes some good points.

I've summarized quotes from his lecture (not the entire 15 points) here:

  1. Think about who you are and what you want do to in your life. Pick the right choice
  2. What is not negotiable today may be negotiable tomorrow.
  3. Stay engaged.
  4. The Mike Tyson allusion: "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face"
  5. Get the why they're asking what they are asking.
  6. If they make an ultimatum, generally speaking, (you can) ignore it.
  7. There is no right answer to every situation -The Star Trek Captain trial allusion where the answer is Yes...provided that, considering this...
  8. These people like you but you are not their only concern.
  9. Negotiating w/ your future boss is not the same as negotiating with HR "adapt-to-each".
  10. Don't be in a mad rush to get offers
  11. Tell the truth. Resist the temptation to tell even a small lie.

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This makes me really want to go to HBS. Thanks to the internet though, even if I never go there, I can at least gain the knowledge. If Brady wants to go to HBS for the "awesome social life", I want to go to a top B-School to be able to talk to people like Dr. Malhotra.

Also makes me proud to be brown!

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