Webinar: Make Your Case: How to Ace Consulting Interviews -- 6pm ET, 9/30/14

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TODAY, September 30th at 6pm ET, Wall Street Mentor Michael will be hosting a long form webinar (~50 min.) going over a full consulting case entitled: Make Your Case: How to Ace consulting interviews, with a q&a session to follow.

CLICK HERE to access it Tuesday night, 6pm ET.

From Michael, the presenter:

Make Your Case: How to Ace consulting interviews

Frameworks, communication, client handling, synthesis...the list goes on. These are a few core concepts going into the case interview process for consulting firms, but what do they mean? Why does that matter? And most importantly, how can you use these to your advantage when you are sitting in the interview chair? We will cover these questions and then some - to show you their implications on your candidacy. Note: To fully get the benefit out of this webinar, participants should have at least a basic understanding of the case interview process. We will be covering a deeper level of material that focus not only on the "how" of interview, but the "why" as well.

If you have any interest in learning more about consulting case interviews, you should definitely join us on Tuesday.

CLICK HERE to access it Tuesday night, 6pm ET.

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Oct 1, 2014