Best consulting coaches/websites

I am a junior looking for a casing coach on one of the popular consulting websites like management consulted, preplounge,...

Has anyone ever gone through this process? Any coaches to recommend? Is it worth it?

I just have a crazy internship and wont have time to go find casing partners and do 50 rounds so i am thinking 10 quality cases with a coach would do

Any input would be appreciated

I used CaseCoach last year, but the coach I used is no longer coaching. He was super helpful, but it was a bit of a shot in the dark. I went for someone at my target firm, with good ratings, that's it.

I would say it was worth it, but not necessarily because of the quality of the caseing. The guy was very good and had excellent feedback to provide me. However, what I got most out of it was the confidence that someone who had been in the interviewer chair thought I could pass. That was a big confidence boost, which helped me on the day

I did 3 sessions on preplounge, any of the coaches with good reviews are fine. I think 10 sessions is excessive and unnecessary as you definitely want to do many cases by yourself (redoing each case at least once or twice to get a solid grasp). I would do a session with the coach, then review/do about 5-10 cases on my own focusing on what the coach said to work on and then repeat. If you did 10 cases with the coach consecutively then they probably will just keep repeating your same weaknesses, you want to casing drills by yourself to work on weaknesses in between casing sessions.

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