Need some career advice: Getting the CPA vs IBM Consulting

Hey everyone, I was wondering if you can help provide some career advice please?

I am currently working in Toronto, Canada at Grant Thornton as an accountant, working towards my CPA designation, however I would like to have a career in consulting. A few days ago I received an offer from IBM to work as an associate consultant in Ottawa, Canada in their Tech and Data Strategy Division (under their GBS arm). This job would start towards the end of October, and I will be writing the CFE (exam for the CPA) towards the end of September.

I am not sure if I should accept or decline IBM's offer. On the one hand, I am so close to finishing the requirements for the CPA designation (basically at the time of the start date for the IBM job I would only need my CPA hours to complete the designation) and feel like it would be good to have it. But on the other hand I want a career in consulting and now I have an opportunity for it right in front of me.

Ideally I would love to work for Big 3 someday, but regardless of that I was wondering what should I do? Would having the CPA on my resume be better for my career or would having IBM be better?

Thanks in advance!

PS. even if I go to IBM I still intend on writing the CFE this year, don't want to close any doors when im just starting my professional journey

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Apr 18, 2021 - 7:28pm
kaweezyleonard, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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