Offer from Boutique Economic Consulting Firm- Take it or leave it?

So I got an offer from a place I interviewed at... would just like some advice.

They offer a decent starting salary (45 K about), and a few benefits.

The position entails reviewing the reports put out by PhDs, and after training doing the same analysis they do. The firm deals with economic litigation, valuation of commercial damages, some business valuation, some mergers & acquisitions advisory (not much), but mostly the "expert" witness testimony and critique of expert witnesses.

Now, it definitely sounds interesting, but I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with my life at this moment.

Where would this position lead me? I'm interested in potentially law school, business school, management consulting, or investment management as potential future forays.

Also, this economic consulting position wants me to start immediately, and is a full time gig.

I have interviews at a corporate restructuring firm (internship that pays well) and a PWM boutique (full- time role comprised of all analysis, no client schmoozing) coming up, but if I accept the job I won't be able to interview at these places.

I would feel like a fool if I didn't take a job in this climate, but I am torn atm.

A little advice?

Edit: About me:

BA in Econ from Strong regional state school
Good GPA (3.5+)
99th percentile SAT Scores
Internship in corporate strategy (market research, data analysis, revenue modeling, industry analysis, and company profiling)

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Hayek, what's your opinion? Comment below:

That's a good 20K less than offers going out to people at the big economic consulting firms such as NERA and Cornerstone. I'm guessing that this is a boutique type of place?

It should help for business school, though that depends on the placement history of this firm. You can likely move into more finance/investment management/consulting type jobs after a year or two if you market your experience well and network.

It seems like a decent gig despite the salary. Whether you should take it or not depends on your level of risk aversion. I would take it and try to move into something else after a year or two.

Can you keep them on hold while you're interviewing elsewhere?

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VandalayIndustries, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I wish I could keep them on hold for a week... so I can interview at the restructuring place (which has a great salary for an internship and opportunities for full time roles). However, they said they are looking for someone to start "immediately".

Would they rescind the offer if I asked for a week longer? I realllly would like to interview at this other place at the very least, to see my other option. If I could somehow hold them off while interviewing at the other place, I would be happy. Is this possible?

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2x2Matrix, what's your opinion? Comment below:


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