Pivoting towards consulting at a semi-target (rising junior)

Just finished Sophomore year at a semi-target/top semi-target (afaik). I came into college with plans to go straight to Law School afterward, but realized recently that I need to change course and would like to move towards consulting. The result is that I have a pretty good GPA (3.94) but am really behind my classmates who came in knowledgable about the recruiting process.

Relevant info:

-Econ/Supply Chain double major, foreign language minor

-decent extracurriculars— not super involved (2 big commitments basically), but have leadership and some other experiences that could probably be spun as relevant

-had an internship last summer and have one this summer; neither at a big-name company, one was law-related, the other business 

-have some connections to top firms (mostly friends of parents and parents of friends)

-interested in management or operations consulting

I was mainly wondering:

  1. If it's too late to make this pivot if my goal is to end up at a "good" firm— I know I could technically put my name in for MBB 2025 internships and grind interview prep, but I feel so clueless that idk if I've missed out on that make consulting not a viable option at this point

  2. If it's not too late, is there anything I should be doing besides networking, polishing my resume/linkedin, and interview prepping?

Less important:

  1. Does the language minor add anything? If I get an interview, should I expect it to be mentioned? I'm mostly finished with it so no chance of switching, wondering for for curiosity's sake

  2. I noticed a few applications suggested attaching an SAT score— do they actually consider this?

Thanks! Sorry for the wall of text


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