Reminder: Consulting Case Interview Guide Available

Dear Fellow Primates,

Just wanted to issue a reminder that our latest publication, Make Your Case: Master Consulting Interviews, is now available to help you dominate your consulting interviews coming up.

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This 133 page guide is the only tool you will need to master the consulting case interview. This guide was created to provide prospective management consultants a thorough review of the consulting interview process so they can successfully land that competitive position at McKinsey, Bain, BCG and other top consulting firms.

Written by a current McKinsey consultant, this publication includes not 4, 6, or 8 cases, but a full 10 original practice cases found only in this WSO guide. We included 10 challenging practice cases so that by the time you are done preparing with this guide, you will have mastered the art of the consulting case interview and will stand out as an exceptional candidate. This is an electronic pdf so you get everything immediately and can start studying right away.

Make Your Case was written with the following goals in mind:

Easy to Use - The most important part of case interview prep is practice, practice, and more practice. The 10 original practice cases found in this guide were created from real interviews from the top management consulting firms. Make Your Case was written with one key piece of insight that other consulting guides miss: quality case practice only comes from a well-prepared interviewer. This guides simple case format allows the most inexperienced interviewer give you the practice you need.

Efficient - Make Your Case was written for the on-the-go prospective consultant. We know that your time is already limited, so why add anything to your schedule that is unnecessary? The WSO guide gives you a Plan of Action so you can organize your preparation around your already busy schedule.

Essentials - The publication includes frameworks, math problems, and industry overviews . . . Make Your Case gives you the essential tools so that you'll be comfortable tackling any of these issues during the interview. By surveying management consultants across various top firms, the guide extracts the frameworks, math problems and industry information that are vital for your success.

Make Your Case includes:

  • 10 challenging Practice Cases to sharpen your case interview skills
  • 5 critical frameworks to help you tackle the cases plus 7 other frameworks reviewed in detail
  • Detailed review of the consulting interview structure and case types to expect
  • 10 math fundamentals you need to know
  • Plan of Action to structure your preparation
  • Interviewer instructions to guide beginners on how to give you a valuable mock case interview
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Make Your Case is the most efficient, essential, and easy to use consulting case interview guide on the market. If you're tired of sorting through hundreds of pages of interview guides, look no further. WSO strips out all the unnecessary and superfluous information to give you what you need to succeed. This guide gives you the tools to deliver a structured, creative and engaging performance in an interview so that you can MAKE YOUR CASE!


"This guide is an accelerator for anyone preparing for management consulting interviews. It is packed full of unique insights because the author harvested contributions from recent MBA grads who succeeded through the case interview process and are now working at the best firms in the world! It's like getting coached by an insider – READ IT! I'll have a copy on my desk." - Associate, McKinsey & Company, Montreal

"The Wall Street Oasis guide to case interviews is exceptionally well structured and highly relevant to the case interview process. It clearly explains how to approach the case interview and provides interviewees with the most important tools and frameworks to succeed in a case environment. The examples closely mirror those of real cases and help interviewees to get comfortable using frameworks to solve complex business problems. I only wish I had read through this prior to interviewing!" - Former Associate, Bain & Company, Boston

"The Wall Street Oasis guide is the most complete blueprint to mastering the consulting case interview on the market. This guide provides a powerful framework, real-world anecdotes, and sage advice necessary in order to differentiate yourself from the crowd. I recommend this guide to anyone interested in working for a top consulting firm." - Consultant, Deloitte, Chicago

"This Wall Street Oasis guide will be an incredible resource for anyone considering a career in consulting." - Former Associate, Bain & Company, San Franscisco
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July 2022 Consulting

  • Bain & Company 99.4%
  • McKinsey and Co 98.8%
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 98.2%
  • Oliver Wyman 97.6%
  • LEK Consulting 97.0%

Overall Employee Satisfaction

July 2022 Consulting

  • Cornerstone Research 99.4%
  • Bain & Company 98.8%
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 98.2%
  • McKinsey and Co 97.6%
  • Oliver Wyman 97.0%

Professional Growth Opportunities

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  • Bain & Company 99.4%
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  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 98.2%
  • Oliver Wyman 97.6%
  • Strategy& 97.0%

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  • Engagement Manager (88) $221
  • Manager (138) $167
  • 2nd Year Associate (138) $137
  • 3rd+ Year Associate (101) $129
  • Senior Consultant (302) $129
  • 1st Year Associate (488) $117
  • Consultant (534) $116
  • Engineer (4) $110
  • NA (12) $109
  • 3rd+ Year Analyst (122) $109
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