Best division to choose for finance Internship?

Hi all, I am a penultimate year finance intern starting this summer at a big pharma Pfizer/J&J/GSK and was wondering which division to choose during my one year at the company.

I want to pursue Banking Analyst programs or the FLDP program the company offers to its interns ( > 20% conversion rate). Or maybe Consultancy.

I also value what rotation is going to teach me the most, be interesting but most importantly help me achieve what I want to pursue. The divisions are as follows:

My initial thoughts: While Corp Finance would to me be the most interesting one, I almost feel like it would be too senior for an intern make any real inputs.

I feel like FP&A will help me building my understanding of the three statements, accounting theory and presentation skills and at a level where I could feel more involved.

I also believe it would be better orientate me for the FLDP than Treasury or CF, as the FLDP rotations are:
- Accounting
- Financial reporting
- Internal auditing
- Operations
- Research and development finance
- Sales and marketing finance

Thanks for your time, any comments are appreciated.

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Apr 29, 2022 - 8:15pm
FIN26, what's your opinion? Comment below:

1. Best FLDPs would include companies like Microsoft, J&J, Exxon, GE. Basically large F500 companies are where you will get best experience due to working inside large, more complex businesses.

2. FLDP>MBA is a very valid route, larger more well known companies would be good for admissions

3. Pros: Opportunity to develop good internal finance skills transferable for similar roles. Top companies give good brand to resume. Good comp relative to average college graduates. Edit: would also add WLB will be better than High Finance jobs.

Cons: Exit opportunities are worse than other well known roles (IB, PE, MBB) skillset is largely made for particular set of roles (Controllership, Treasury, FP&A). Comp is lower with slower progression compared to IB, PE, MBB

4. Most FLDPs will start somewhere between 55k-70k. Bonuses would add about 5-10% Will vary based on company size and COL of area. Well known FLDPs in HCOL can have salaries up to around 90K, all-in around 115k.

5. FLDP is not really the best to exit to banking. Usual exits will be to similar roles at other companies. Usually best way to get pay raises is to move to another company for promotion/pay raise. Consulting and corp strategy/development are probably best exits, each is reasonably possible from FLDP

Apr 29, 2022 - 8:16pm
HoganDufrense, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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