Career change to MBB after 8 years of Corporate Finance in F200, is it feasible and is it a good move?

Some info about myself - I am working as a Finance Director in F200 MNC. I am 30 and have been working in the same company for 8years after graduation, working mostly in Corporate Dev (M&A) and fp&a.

I am brainstorming on what can be the potential 'next' in my career. Other than moving to another MNC Finance (which has limited pay uplift and experiences to provide), I am trying to understand if there are other options such as in consulting or PE.

  1. Consulting: The reason for considering consulting is it really elevates skillsets and  expands the career optionality. 
  • Is it too late to try consulting? Do they hire any case like me? 

  • Is it worth it to move to consulting and start it fresh as an associate and work the ladder up again?

  • In a long run, I am thinking rejoin the MNC at a more senior position. When could be the right exit timing in the consulting (if I am able to get in)?

  1. What can be the other industry options for people like me? Do you see any case of working in VC or PE after 8 years of corporate experience? Love to hear your thoughts.

Based on the most helpful WSO content, let's tackle your questions one by one:

  1. Consulting:

    • It's never too late to try consulting. MBB firms are known for their diverse hiring, valuing experience from various industries. Your experience in Corporate Dev (M&A) and FP&A could be very valuable.
    • The trade-off of starting fresh as an associate is something you'll have to weigh. On one hand, you'll be starting from the bottom, but on the other hand, you'll be gaining a new set of skills and experiences that could be very beneficial in the long run.
    • As for the right exit timing, it really depends on your personal career goals and how quickly you're able to climb the ladder at the consulting firm. However, it's not uncommon for people to exit to a more senior position in industry after a few years in consulting.
  2. Other Industry Options:

    • As for VC or PE, it's less common but not unheard of for someone with your background to transition into these fields. Your experience in M&A could be particularly valuable in PE. However, these transitions often require a strong network and potentially additional education (like an MBA).

Remember, these are just general insights. Your individual circumstances may vary, and it's always a good idea to seek advice from mentors or professionals in your desired field. Good luck!

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The most important question is probably what your comp is / what you're willing to go for.

There may be some specific practices within consulting focused on like finance transformation/OCFO type work that you'd be a fit for. But hard to see how you'd fit into the general MC/strategy type of role - maybe via MBA recruitment, but otherwise ship has sailed.

PE/VC I'd say is unlikely. Unless you're in an industry that is really hot in term of investment activity or if you have hardcore M&A reps from the CorpDev part of your job you're unlikely to have an angle that helps with recruitment when compared to the more traditional IB/PE background.

My suggestion would be to explore looking at similar FP&A, CorpDev, StratFin type roles at smaller and/or faster growing businesses where you can get more visibility with the CFO/C-suite as well as more overall organizational responsibility.


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