How can I earn interest from my defi neb wallet?

DeFi NEB did the track of aggregate returns, mainly doing BSC chain liquidity pledge mining. Although the idea of aggregators sounds hardcore, aggregators are actually one of the core features of the Internet.

DeFi, which started in 2017 and broke out in 2020, continues to contribute to an open financial infrastructure. DEX, crypto stablecoins, lending agreements, decentralized futures/options platforms, synthetic assets, prophecy machines, decentralized insurance agreements and other modules, almost all forms of traditional financial products can be found in DeFi NEB.

DeFi is a free combination of different modules like Lego bricks. DeFi NEB aggregator packages different modules to improve liquidity, use cost, UI and other aspects, and aggregates the liquidity of different platforms to facilitate transactions and save transaction costs.

Under the DeFi model, artificial intelligence switches funds to high-yield DeFi projects for liquidity mining according to the level of real-time mining revenue. Artificial intelligence has a variety of forms, artificial intelligence automatic intelligent investment, collective trading, automatic compound interest, risk management and other applications.

In order to ensure the flexibility and scale of mining, NEB will also collaborate with a third party machine gun pool to quickly deploy the existing pool through the machine gun pool. NEB monitors the market through big data, constantly targeting the head mine, and helps users to get super high head mine revenue. Low price, quick return, high profit, low risk.

NEB takes full advantage of the traceability features of blockchain, and detailed investment reports can be queried and downloaded through the platform to track all principal value, earned interest, token balance, absolute return, annualized return, benchmark interest rate, etc., on a daily basis.

DeFiNEB aggregator speeds up the exploration of optimizing service links while providing easy access for users.

Our vision: In the future, we aim to extend our business to the entire cryptocurrency industry chain and serve global users with technological innovation. We provide our users with the best quality services, jointly build the blockchain ecosystem and application to enhance brand value, achieve the whole ecological cycle, so that all users enjoy the best passive benefits, completely free your hands.

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