SBF - The Modern Day Bernie Madoff

Thanks to the immoral activities of this fraud, the activities, companies, and technologies of blockchain and cryptocurrency will take a long time to regain the same level of trust from the public. Sure the money amount is not the same as Bernie Madoff, but what this guy did is basically equivalent, no? The money wasn't thrown into his personal accounts (that we know of…) but it was evaporated all the same. Seems like the crypto bros on here have gone pretty quiet in forcing this guy to take accountability. 

The guy was praised like a god by many, so he should be equally hated in this downfall. I personally have no sympathy, and kind of hope to see him taken to criminal court. I don't work in the blockchain space, but as a bystander I am a lot less hopeful for it now. It feels like it's going to take some time for it to recover in the eyes of the public, as well as the eyes of firms that gave SBF hundreds of millions of dollars. 

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