SPACEBOT - Stacking in your pocket

What does the company earn?
On the stacking difference. For example: the NODE brings 9% of the delegated amount, and users receive 7-8%. It is convenient for users that they do not need to install their own equipment and maintain it. It is convenient for the company that it does not need to purchase its own coins to increase production.

Where does Spacebot get cryptocurrency for distribution between people?
Spacebot has installed NODES (validators) of different types of blockchains on the POS|POS algorithm and uses this equipment to extract cryptocurrency. In these algorithms, it is very important to have a large number of coins on the "NODE" for more efficient mining. Thanks to Spacebot, coins are attracted to the "nodes" of Spacebot.

If the company closes, what will happen to my funds?
The company will offer you to withdraw your cryptocurrency to your wallets. She cannot appropriate these funds to herself, because this is a violation of the law and criminal liability is provided for this.

Are you a pyramid scheme?
No, we work in compliance with the laws of the country. We do not have income, which is formed through the distribution of funds of newcomers.
The company is engaged in mining / stacking cryptocurrency and its distribution among users. Partners receive bonuses for attracting the attracted person from mining. Or at the expense of an advertising campaign of the company.

Do you have licenses?
We have licenses to register a company in the UK and Singapore, and also, in connection with the release of the law on the Central Federal District in the Russian Federation, we have received all the necessary licenses for our activities in Russia. These documents will be available in the mobile application in the "documents" section.

How long are you going to work?
While there is a possibility of mining / stacking cryptocurrencies.

How do I start using the SPACEBOT app?
The first thing you need is a smartphone with an iOS or Android operating system, preferably with an up-to-date firmware version.

SPACEBOT developers try to support all firmware versions as much as possible, including the old ones, but Apple and Google developers simply stop supporting the old methods, which makes it impossible to download the application on older versions.

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