not hearing back after second round interview

I did a second round interview with a VP for an ER associate position three days ago, and I still haven't heard back from the recruiter regarding the next step.

Should I wait a few more days and then contact the recruiter for updates, or is it safe to assume that I'm not moving forward?

I'm new to the recruiting process for ER and was wondering if anybody who has experience might be able to chime in.


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The recruiting process can be slow, I had an equity research associate interview today with an analyst and he said I was the last person they were interviewing and that they had some people waiting 2-3 weeks to hear back, and that they would make decisions later this week. I applied 2 months ago for this role.

don't sweat it, I just heard back for scheduling round 3 at another company I had an hr screen with over a month ago.

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