Settle for SS ER or Pursue BS ER

I am fairly far in the process for a MM ER position due to networking. However, I really want to do BS ER and started networking but not applying yet for these positions. The networking has had some success, but hard to tell if it will result in a job.

On the flip side, I am confident in my ability to land great SS ER roles. Therefore, by not pursuing other SS ER roles, I risk not having many options if BS recruiting falls through.

My worry is that I will be stuck with only the current SS ER job and be forced to make a decision before I am able to gain momentum on the BS.

Do I:
1. Take SS ER offer if it comes in before BS recruiting gains traction?
2. Reject SS ER offer and pursue BS opportunities first?
3. Start focusing on SS ER at other better firms to have multiple options?

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