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  • Strengthening of market position: International High Growth Brands: Evergreen Ltd. acquired foreign brands in the USA which had men, young women and girls as their target groups. A few of these brands include cosmetic products. In line with this strategy, health products have been sold off in order to release

resources for the faster growing brands.

  • Brands in International top positions: The market positions of these brands were improved through qualified brand growth and the increase of market share. Additionally, costs were reduced due to the restructuring or the usage of synergies across the brand families
  • Brands with Regional Strength: For an individual positioning of certain brands, Evergreen Ltd. acquired different European regionally active cosmetic manufacturers whose marketing strategies are tailored to their respective region.


Corporate governance principles: All divisions and the umbrella organisation as well as all subsidiaries are obliged to comply with these

They include:

  • Shareholder's rights: They include the acquisition and free sale of shares, the exercise of voting rights as well as the right to a share of the company's profits.
  • Duties of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board: They are obliged to act in the interest of Evergreen Ltd. The Executive Board decides on the strategy of the company and must inform the Supervisory Board about the situation of the group on a regular basis. When the Executive Board decides on the company strategy, the Supervisory Board must approve of this.
  • Compensation: The compensation of the members of the Executive Board will be determined by the Supervisory Board whereas the Executive Board decides on the compensation of the senior managers of the group.
  • Transparency: Is not ensured if financial reports are not provided in a timely manner, at optimum every financial quarter


  • Cosmetics & Body: In the USA, cosmetics are offered to young girls and women; in Australia, Japan, Singapore and Brazil more so to older women.
  • Clean & Wash: Washing agents are offered in Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia as well as detergents. Evergreen Ltd. also offers washing up liquid in some of the countries where they offer detergents.
  • Glue & Hold: The regional focuses are Europe, Asia, North and Southamerica. Adhesives produced in these countries are intended for trade and construction
  • Regional focus: In Europe, especially in Germany, Evergreen Ltd. has a strong position in all company divisions. If the number of employees is taken as a criterion, Evergreen Ltd's most important branch office is Munich.

Executive Board:

  • Dr. Hans Paris: Chairman of the Executive Board and an industrial engineer. He has been a member of the Executive Board for the past five years. After completing his PhD in San Francisco he worked in the marketing department of the American cosmetic group Roger & Tample for the previous 10 years.
  • Laura Simmons: Head of HR. After her apprenticeship with Evergreen Ltd, she studied business and returned to the area of management development at Evergreen Ltd; she became Head of HR after having worked in New York and Los Angeles.
  • Michael Fuller: Head of Finance/Controlling (FC) and a fully qualified lawyer. First, he worked as a lawyer in the sector of law on trading securities, but then started working as head of the Legal Department of Evergreen Ltd, after three years, he became Head of FC.
  • Dr. Howard Knowles: Head of Marketing and Sales and a certified economist. He used to work for a consumer goods manufacturer in different countries in Asia (Malaysia and Hong Kong, among others) for ten years before he started to work for Evergreen Ltd. as a country manager after having received a very good offer.

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Overall Employee Satisfaction

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