Black Shoes For Healthcare Workers

We know that as a healthcare worker Birkenstock outlet sale, it can be difficult to find suitable shoes that are comfortable, safe and also meet the requirements of needing to be all-black.

At Grundy's Shoes, there exists a collection of orthotic pleasant health care worker shoes, theatre clogs, and standard healthcare shoes, offered. Such as shoes from companies like Birkenstock, FRANKiE4, ECCO, Cabello and Excited.

The Profi Birki is designed specifically for specialist use, so is perfect for culinary experts and physicians, and the ones in slick functioning circumstances. It comes with a water-resistant uppr, a easily removed anatomically contoured Birki-foam footbed that can form for the shape of the foot, along with a PU sole which happens to be non-harsh and resistant to grease, acid, essential oil, substances and lye, with a distinct heel and strong tread pattern for optimum move opposition.

Compliant with Australian Regular AS/NZS 2210.3, they have a hand cleanable outside to help you easily keep these clear!

Please be aware: The Birkenstock Extremely Birki will not be appropriate for skilled use, but perfect for household use across the garden or house.

Birkenstock - Profi Birki


The Linz has a smooth leather upper which will avoid stains and debris, and an adaptable Velcro strap for more safety along with a custom fit.

Furthermore, it has a shut back heel counter, as well as a fall tolerant and gas and oil-tolerant super grip rubberized sole, with a natural heel account and deeply back heel cup which keeps the natural support of your foot where it belongs and offers support for long job shifts on your feet.

Birkenstock - Linz


The FRANKiE4 variety are extremely preferred among medical care staff, as they're both supportive and classy.


NAT is the leading-seller sneaker within the FRANKiE4 array since it is a popular reduced-user profile sneaker style. It features a leather upper and upholster, and a slip-on closing with elasticised gussets, which can also be worn like a laced sneaker too if recommended.

It has a accommodating back heel counter-top, removable two solidity footbed with back heel assist, arch support and forefoot cushioning, and arrives in a number of colors, which include an all-black colored color, and also a black and white.



Section of the FRANKiE4 Energetic range, ADDi can be a mary-jane style shoe. It provides an adjustable Velcro strap, and comes with the FRANKiE4 custom fit assembly in addition to the easily removed useful footbed which has back heel and arch assist and forefoot padding, as well as a move tolerant twin-density PU sole. Yet again, that one can be purchased in an all-black color as well as a monochrome colour.



WiNNiE is yet another style of FRANKiE4 sneaker, by using a soft leather higher, triple coating assistance and cushion process, along with the custom made assemblage besides the easily removed footbed which includes hindfoot help, arch help and forefoot shock reduction. Furthermore, it features a slide resilient PU sole, and comes in all-black color along with a white and black.



ELLiE is probably the original styles of FRANKiE4 sneaker, but it features a white sole and doesn't are available in an all-black color. It provides an asymmetrically made toe-package to enhance the foot's natural form and movement, as well as that contains the custom made set up as well as the detachable twin occurrence help footbed with hindfoot assistance, arch assistance and forefoot padding.



ECCO is yet another brand name better known for their help, comfort and style, making use of revolutionary technology and materials in their shoes.

440303 Soft 7 Women

The classic Soft 7 sneaker which is well-liked by ECCO buyers for several years, now can be purchased in an all-black color, excellent for health care employees. It possesses a whole-grain leather upper with GORETEX technologies, so that it is waterproof.

In addition, it comes with an anatomical previous design which offers a supremely cozy fit and put on, plus a easily removed leather-included inner sole using the ECCO Comfort Fibre Process supplying a cool, clean setting for excellent comfort.

ECCO - 440303 Soft 7 Women

831383 Awesome Women

Created from a combination of yak and whole grain leathers, the 831383 Great Women also features GORETEX technology, significance they're water resistant. They have the ECCO FLUIDFORM™ technology and foot-fixed final, supplying anatomical assist and an integral, resilient connection in between the top and sole. A removable insole and light-weight TPU sole cause them to an appropriate option for all-day time put on.

ECCO - 831383 Cool Women

803763 Zipflex Women

The newest ECCO 803763 Zipflex Women includes a soft leather higher as well as a athletic appear, easily-removed footbed and ECCO SHOCK THRU Technology for shock reduction with every step. Furthermore, it features an innovative one-piece 'zipper inspired' sole, for bendability and adaptability, with extra silicone inserts for grip.

This is available in the 803764 Men's Zipflex style.

ECCO - 803763 Zipflex Women

So, there you possess it! Which is a few of the range we have offered for healthcare professionals as well as other personnel who want this style of shoe.

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