London suits and clothing

I've got my internship at a London EB starting in a few weeks and I was thinking now is a good time to invest in some decent quality clothing that I can use once I graduate too (so far mostly got everything from Next/M&S type stores). I'm usually fairly careful with my money, but have the savings to spend on this if needed. Planning on buying 2 new suits, as well as a set of shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt/TMLewin. 

How much should I be spending on a decent suit? Where is the best value proposition at? Anything I should keep in mind when shopping around? Any store recommendations?

Also, is it worth tailoring/getting adjustments on my suits? How much can I expect this to cost?

Any other clothing tips would be appreciated - quite new to the formal attire situation. 

Would advise investing in a bespoke tailored suit. However, if this is outside your price range, Suit Supply have some of the best 'off the rack' suits -- great value for money in my opinion.

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I've said this time and time again on this site, suitsupply is a godsend in terms of value. Expect to drop 800 usd for two suits including the in-house tailoring but they actually can last and look fitted upon final pick up. For shirts CT/TM are best given the ridiculous deals they always have.

Not sure where your head's at on shoes but if you're willing to get something which lasts, a good pair of oxfords from AE or the likes will be great. Can go cole haan if you're looking to spend less (I certainly did). Don't do the loafers until you're a full-time analysts and really want them.

Personal rec is try Moss Bros.

They have a good range of brands and qualities on both suits and shirts (from basic own label to zegna). Their brand savoy taylor guild is good decent quality for mid-level pricing I have found. They also often have sales so can pick up good deals here (plus 20% student discounts)

Charles Tyrwhitt 4 shirts for 100 you can't go wrong. Get 2 or 3 white shirts and 1 light blue shirt. If you're brave and confident add a striped or pink shirt for summer/friday vibes, dont listen to people who say only wear black suit and white shirts you're not going to a funeral!

CT shirts suit me very well, so these are the only ones I buy. 
Suits I have one from CT - which quite frankly is shit but does the job, I have one from suit supply and looking to add more from them. They fit me great off the rack except the pants length which costs below 10 pounts to taper. 
Shoes - I only buy from meermin, I have a pair of oxford and a pair of loafers for Fridays in the summer.

You don’t need this for the summer but all in this should cost you roughly 1k for your full wardrobe (toss in underwear from uniqlo) - with money from your SA you should be covered.

With Meermin, I head they can be great value but customer service is a nightmare if something goes wrong. Presume you've never had any problems with them?

Also with suit supply, the only slim fit suits in the 'normal' colours (I think, like navy, charcoal, dark grey) without stripes start at 379 each. Is that the range I should be going for?

> Suit supply - best value

Suit Supply > Best value

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