Most Comfortable Dress Loafers?

I want cycle out my dress loafers and interested to hear opinions on the most comfortable. Historically have worn AE Verona loafers, but last pairs seem to have been made with lesser quality and haven’t broken in as well and are not as comfortable. Have a pair of Jordaans. While they look nice, they can’t stand up to a daily wear.

Are Gamos comfortable or am I just paying for the brand? Does anyone have experience with Tod’s or Too Boot loafers?

Looking for straight butter loafs that can be commuted in. My walking commute is about 2 miles a day.


I can’t speak to dress loafers from Ferragamo or Tods, but I have casual drivers from each. Tods are nice, moderately comfortable, but the Gamos are incredibly comfortable and just feel like they’re well made. I’ve also got a pair of the typical Gucci horsebit loafers and I find them comfortable enough to be on my feet all day without pain. 

Definitely follow up here with what you get, I’ve been in the market for the same thing.

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Out of what I’ve owned: Ferragammo, Tods, AE, Santoni, Sergio Rossi, Jimmy Choo* (dress mocs not loafers), and some others not worth mentioning, I’d give high marks to Santoni and the higher end Ferragamo's. Sergio Rossi is fantastic as well for construction, style, and comfort but you need to be careful about their sizing since it runs very small.

Dm me if you need a good website for quality shoes at sub-market pricing- all of their products are European made and shipping both ways is really cheap. Most of their stock is from brands that produce high-quality stuff but have very little brand recognition (10+ pairs bought and no quality issues), but they always have a few decent styles from big names like Ferragamo, Todd, Loro Piana, etc at steep discounts as well. 


As for Tods, their driving mocs are best-in-class while their dress shoes and loafers are very  good but not anything spectacular compared to other status brands at the same price point like Ferragamo, Zenga, Giuseppe, Gucci, and Santoni. That said, I’d purchase nearly anything you find of theirs that is sub $250-300, fits well, and is a good style because as far as I know they don’t have “entry-level” (aka terrible quality) products that most other “status” brands flood the market with.


Ferragamo and Gucci are actually really comfortable even though they’re overplayed in this world. I’ve pretty much only bought Gucci over the last four years and have sworn by them given how nice they feel around my feet. They aren’t as durable as Ferragamo but in my opinion look better generally but i gotta say the Ferragamo calf leather gancini bit loafers I bought when I was a second year analyst lasted me a really really long time. I then got the Gucci Jordan bit loafers and now rock the Gucci oxfords with the tiny gold GG on the side.


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