AM or ER to HF?

Hi everyone, I am a sophomore at a public target and my ultimate goal is to work at a L/S fund. I know a few firms hire out of undergrad (Point72, Citadel, the occasional small L/S fund) but the odds of getting into one of those is unfortunately less than 1%. I am very passionate about public markets and interned at a L/S fund last summer so I am certain that this is what I want to do, however I know that realistically I will probably will not be able to work at a L/S fund out undergrad, so I will need to work somewhere else first.

I know IB is the traditional path, however I am not interested in transactions so I imagine IB would be very difficult given the hours if I am not interested in the work. I have heard that ER is the second best path to a HF, but I spoke to a former ER associate who now works and a L/S fund and they said it is still quite difficult to exit to a HF from ER.

So, I was wondering, how difficult would it be to exit to L/S if I was at a top AM? I know AM are generally LO but I figured the underlying skillset would transfer well. 

Also, I know that some firms like Viking, Tiger, etc probably would not hire me out of AM or ER, however I am not interested in prestige (in fact I would rather work at a smaller firm).

Thanks in advance to everyone who responds.

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