Can Hedge Funds force their employees to sign prenups?

I was looking for a Wall Street related finance forum and I found this site. Hopefully I'm asking this question at the right place, if not I'm sorry and you can delete my post.

I have a friend who's fallen in love with a guy who works at a hedge fund. They're planning to get married, but recently he brought up the topic of prenups to her and said that all of his seniors at the firm forcing him to get prenups or otherwise they will not continue to work with him.

Could this be true? Seriously, can a firm threaten to fire their employees if they don't sign prenups, which doesn't even affect their business in any way? or is he making it up to convince her?



Forcing him to sign a prenup is definitely strange and would say not the norm in the industry at all. 

It is more market for your PM to demand prima nocta rights. 


HIGHLY unlikely unless he is a very significant partner/co-PM etc, which is less but still very unlikely


He’s trying as hard as possible to bullshit a reason for why he needs a prenup. The reality of the matter is that he doesn’t want to risk his wealth in case he and your friend get a divorce


this. If in some years they ask him to put some money in the fund then a prenup prevents maybe a 50/50 split of that money between her ex and him. This could introduce an "outsider" in the fund that may be in conflict of interests with an employee or generally someone that doesn't align with the funds interest (more because they care about revenge) and may interfere with some governance aspects of the fund.


nothing bad with a prenup, hear my position:

- only married: prenup a must.

- married and having kids: waive prenup

if only married no need to give her a big chunk of your money, she can also work and have hers. If you're planning to have kids, then you can easily waive the prenum because the money you gave her will contribute directly to the kid's material well-being (assuming you didn't marry a stupid one that feeds kids with rice and buys Gucci bags).

the general idea of not having a prenum is that there will be an almost equal split of the money at the end of the marriage because there's the presumption that both partners contributed in equal terms to accumulate this sum of money (for example, the women took care of the house/food/etc. etc. that supported the man to be more productive and focused in his career -- if this argument doesn't hold, then go for a prenup). 

It also depends on your relationships. If I really liked her and we split because of some faults of mine, then I'll waive the prenup. If not, if she comes up with some shitty motives, then prenup remains. Anyway, a prenup can stay and after the divorce I can decide how much she deserves for her investment. I have good principles.


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