Dashboard of HF ‘Families’

Often, experienced users on here often  express that there’s a world of funds beyond the better known large-Tiger-Cubs or MMs. Users ask, ‘ok so who are the other good funds’ and get no answers. I expect it’s because such funds are media shy for a reason.

Some PMs are media shy/some are media-seeking - advantages of being ‘known’ would be for marketing purposes, recruiting purposes, obviously activism or plain-ole attention seeking. Main disadvantages would be -  peers copying your 13F or otherwise knowing your positioning, nonsense from uninformed people - the best example of these disadvantages I can think of would be the Melvin saga - aside from retail squeezing them on GME you had Reddit/Twitter uninformed retail hurling vitriol and other nonsense - sounds unpleasant and counterproductive to alpha generation. 

But here’s a cool tool to get a sense of the universe outside of Large-Tiger/MM. This dashboard looks at hedge fund ‘families’, when funds have a ‘family’ it means like tiger there are spin offs and it’s a good indicator that they are or were pretty good (allocators like the parent fund enough to fund their offspring). Enjoy.

notes: I stumbled across this, I did not make it 

Remember 13Fs are very distorted. Don’t reflect short side (estimates returns can be way off). Don’t reflect international positions (AUM can be way off). Can’t analyze intraquarter trading (depending on strategy can make a big difference in estimated performance from 13Fs. You have to consider fund strategy/style/turnover/concentration to assess how potentially directionally useful the return estimates are. The dashboards alpha calcs are helpful to Consider the impact of stockpicking vs sector tilts (but sector tilts, if deliberate, are still skill-based) 



This is super badass, really cool thank you for sharing! The perfect tool for my finance autism to waste time on going down fund lineage rabbit holes.

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Wow! Thanks for this man!

Any idea who created this site and what's in it for them? Probably for allocator purposes?

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September 2023 Hedge Fund

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  • Magnetar Capital 96.8%
  • Citadel Investment Group 95.8%
  • AQR Capital Management 94.7%

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