I think I just got fired

I've been going through the recruiting process for the last three months and last week my boss told me that because the business is changing directions, my skillset is no longer applicable and that I should start looking for other jobs (I estimate I have until year-end to figure something out). I'm a bit frustrated, because I feel like I've failed my parents (even though they were happy because they thought this job was stressing me out too much and they expressed their support for me), and none of the recruiting processes have resulted in a final offer yet. One of the places I've interviewed at has indicated that they will potentially give me an offer in a few months depending on how the market looks at that point, one of the firms I've gotten through the case study and I'm waiting to hear back regarding next steps, and one of the firms I'm just starting with initial interviews.

I used to have a lot of confidence, but ever since I graduated and started working in the real world, I feel like there's so much out there to know and that, frankly, I don't know that much (or at least I don't know as much as I'd like). The imposter syndrome has gotten severe in the last few months, and I increasingly feel like I've lost direction. I spent the last two years grinding nonstop and I feel like its all going to go to waste. I'm willing to keep grinding as long as I'm learning, even if it means starting from scratch in a new asset class, but I'll admit that I do feel a bit overwhelmed by the uncertainty that the future holds (to be clear, this is a markedly different kind of uncertainty than PnL uncertainty with regards to positions in our book). I don't know what I want to do in the long run with my career, but the idea of taking the first job I get for the income security seems a bit rash. 

I also look at my peers sometimes and feel the "comparison is the thief of joy" sentiment in an especially pronounced way.

I've been working at this fund since I graduated and I'm a bit stressed out because I don't know what comes after this, but would appreciate any feedback from fellow monkeys and thoughts on what to do next.

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