Hey there, it's great to hear that you've gained traction with D.E. Shaw! They're a highly respected firm in the industry.

From the context provided, it seems that D.E. Shaw does have a variety of groups that you could potentially join. The Fundamental Research program, for instance, places research analysts in one of four groups for the summer: Long/Short Equity, Credit Opportunities, Special Situations Arbitrage, or Asset-Backed Securities.

As for the structure of the firm, it seems to be quite complex and multifaceted. One user mentioned being selected for the Office of the COO team, which deals with corporate strategy for the hedge fund. This could include organizational, process, or implementation strategy for a variety of functions.

In terms of private investing, the context doesn't provide specific information. However, given the variety of groups mentioned, it's possible that there could be opportunities in this area.

As for how the interviews might vary from IB and PE, the context doesn't provide specific details. However, given the firm's reputation for being highly selective, you can expect the process to be rigorous and challenging.

Remember, it's important to do your own research and reach out to people in the industry to get a more comprehensive understanding of the firm's structure and the nature of the roles you're interested in. Good luck with your interview!

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Career Advancement Opportunities

November 2023 Hedge Fund

  • Point72 98.9%
  • D.E. Shaw 97.9%
  • Magnetar Capital 96.8%
  • Citadel Investment Group 95.8%
  • AQR Capital Management 94.7%

Overall Employee Satisfaction

November 2023 Hedge Fund

  • Magnetar Capital 98.9%
  • D.E. Shaw 97.8%
  • Blackstone Group 96.8%
  • Two Sigma Investments 95.7%
  • Citadel Investment Group 94.6%

Professional Growth Opportunities

November 2023 Hedge Fund

  • AQR Capital Management 99.0%
  • Point72 97.9%
  • D.E. Shaw 96.9%
  • Citadel Investment Group 95.8%
  • Magnetar Capital 94.8%

Total Avg Compensation

November 2023 Hedge Fund

  • Portfolio Manager (9) $1,648
  • Vice President (23) $474
  • Director/MD (12) $423
  • NA (6) $322
  • 3rd+ Year Associate (24) $287
  • Manager (4) $282
  • Engineer/Quant (69) $272
  • 2nd Year Associate (30) $251
  • 1st Year Associate (73) $190
  • Analysts (222) $178
  • Intern/Summer Associate (22) $131
  • Junior Trader (5) $102
  • Intern/Summer Analyst (246) $85
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