Mid BB vs Top Lo

Hey all, currently debating two offers. One is BB IB, mid coverage group (industrials), and t2 city. The other is Capital Group’s CAP program, which is rotational through asset classes and sectors.

Long term, I happen to be interested in both hf (public markets) and growth equity, which makes the decision tough (basically I’m leaning towards capital group, but I realize that the direct path to private markets is through IB. That said, the IB opportunity is in industrials which I don’t have very much interest in.)

Thanks for any advice!!


Between those two choices CAP is infinitely better than industrials IB. Much more selective, direct buy side investing experience, and it sounds like you're more interested in that which will show through in future interviews. 

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I am an incoming CAP summer associate and I have asked a lot of mentors of mine in different fields if I should try to stay there or get a top tier IB or PE offer or something. Every single one of them has told me to take capital group and has been very clear that it’s not even close if I want to do public markets long term.


CAP is a great public markets seat but feel like the above comments are a bit exaggerated - no you will not be able to do UMM/MF PE or MF growth coming from CAP, so you do really need to ask yourself whether you're more inclined towards public or private markets, the caveat being you are comparing a top publics seat vs a middling chance at a range of private seats. 100% CAP if you are set on HF/AM but if you might regret not giving the private route a shot you should consider the IB, especially if you are diverse/have a good shot at oncycle/this is just an internship and you think you can leverage to a better FT offer.


You make a very good point – will definitely have to do some more reflection on whether I see myself enjoying a top public or lower-key private seat long term. Thank you


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