P72 from a non/semitarget

I'm a sophomore at a non/semi target. I have an internship at a top LO (Dodge/FiDo/TRowe/Wellington) for sophomore summer but really want to go to L/S. The issue is no one from my school knows how to place into these shops except for one maybe every 2-3 years. I am very scared, not sure if I should try to transfer still or just apply and see what happens. I'm doing pitch comps to meet recruiters and hopefully win but no one else is interested in equities so it's very hard to create a solid pitch and build on an idea.


You place by being good and different. Networking etc doesn’t do much for P72/Citadel summers. I just did the SA at P72 and the process was apply, do case, do interviews, get offer. Nothing magic to it, not sure why you’re “very scared”.

would think hard abt moving from Wellington type to P72 though, senior seats at LOs are highly sought after.  


Don’t get the hype w/ LOs on this forum tbh, that career path seems no different from climbing the corporate ladder successfully at any F500 to make 7figs in your 40s/50s which is literally the back burner option for guys who gave it a shot at HF and struck out? Even more so given shrinking partner seats so even if you get a LO seat post-MBA chances of making it to the top of the pyramid will only get smaller. Always thought the appeal of ‘high finance’ was outsize comp at a young age, which is why people are so obsessed with PE since it is literally a higher comped and accelerated pathway to the very top of the corporate ladder.


I wasn't necessarily talking from a comp POV tbh. I did an MMHF SA and wasn't a fan, given I like deep fundamental analysis of companies and don't want to trade weekly views (what my team during my rotation was basically doing) the LO gig appeals to what I'm interested in.

LO comp can also scale higher than what you're describing.

Also its easier on the WLB front which is a plus. I don't need to make 800k at 29 but have no time for my family, analyst I worked with was very driven and encouraged to work weekends when you're young given you don't have other commitments. That's cool, but I want to have other commitments in my life at 23 that isn't work.

Anyway this is taking away from OP's post. Point is P72/Citadel are v meritocratic processes, there's still luck involved given how many apps they get, but there's no secret sauce or networking advantage. Just apply and do your best.


You forget that many people realize the grind of PE sucks and LO pay (I believe c.$300-400k post-MBA) is still very good and if you can reach it to the top (a big if for any industry) you'll be well compensated in the mid 7 figure which is in-line if not better than your average PE partner 

With that being said making PM at a shop like is probably statistically harder than PE but I think you get the point


networking is useless for point72. complete meritocracy. you need to be the most passionate and it has to shine through

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