Quitting at a MMHF

What would be considered as “best practice” for quitting as an analyst at a pod (one of the large one)? First job on the buyside so new to this. Some questions on my mind are:

(1) I assume should speak to PM 1-on-1 first then HR will reach out for exit interviews? Best time of day to notice PM to minimize unnecessary problems?

(2) do people generally disclose their next employer? To PM and/or during exit interview with higher ups? This is relevant because the duration of NC is very vague on my contract and has room to go very long, so I will need to ask/plead for a short/no NC. Will this be decided by PM or someone higher up?

(3) should I expect to be asked to stick around for a period of time after notice or the other extreme of immediately expelled from the building? Likely somewhere in middle but curious to hear people experience on this

(4) generally what are some ways/things I can do /say to minimize damage as best as I could? Both PM and firm are powerful/well known. I have up to this point done well and the decision is mostly a personal one. More importantly as said above I need to plead for a relatively short NC. So want to hear if people have any advice.

Thanks guys in advance

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I'm not especially familiar with MMHF but with regards to (2) many employment contracts with NC also include provisions that require you to tell your employer your next employer so you might want to read over your employment contract/consult with an employment lawyer regarding that. If your contract has that sort of requirement and you attempt to deceive your employer about this I think it could cause you difficulties if anything about the NC is ever litigated or goes to arbitration especially if this sort of representation is part of any separation agreement. Also if the new employer is not one of the biggest competitors of your current employer they may also be more willing to adjust the scope of the NC to allow you to work for the new employer sooner if the current employer is primarily concerned about you going to one of their biggest competitors.


1. Do it in the morning after the open ideally on a quiet day, PM should be the first person you tell.

2. Let them know who your next employer is, if it’s a direct competitor expect maximum possible NC, otherwise might be able to negotiate it down. PM and head of biz/region will have a say in the final NC duration which HR will confirm in your exit letter.

3. Likely you will be walked out with all systems access disabled immediately, latest by the end of the day.

4. Since it’s a personal reason just be 100% honest and reveal what you’re comfortable revealing, there will be no bad blood. Not sure what you mean by ‘need’ to ask for a shorter NC but I would make sure your subsequent employer is ok with the maximum possible duration of NC you could get and would never risk that offer falling through because the NC turns out to be too long.


Thanks a lot for the reply. Can I ask why you recommend me doing it in the morning / after open (vs after close)? Presumably it is so that HR has time to wrap up back end stuff (I.e exit interviews, NC terms) during the day and I am out out by end of day? Just trying to plan this through. Again thanks a ton it was super helpful


Yup just that - get all the administrative stuff sorted during the day


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