Elon’s Making It up as He Goes | The Daily Peel | 11/8/22

Nov 8, 2022 | Peel #333

Market Snapshot

Can’t wait for the Netflix doc on the first few weeks of MuskTwit.

After laying off half the company last week, Elon’s asking a few to come back?? And he’s losing $4M a day. Absolute chaos on Market Street these days.

Over on Wall Street, stocks powered higher to start the week after a weak October close.

market summary

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Macro Monkey Says

Digging the Gig

Americans have shown that they’ll sooner take on 5-figure CC debt rather than trim their lifestyles.

So, to cope with inflation, more are entering the gig economy.

  • 6% more workers than last October have a side gig in addition to their day job
  • Zoomers are the cohort that loves gig work the most, with many cobbling enough together to ditch full-time work entirely
  • Adding part-time workers has helped employers survive the labor crunch somewhat, but there still aren’t enough bodies
  • The U.S. labor market will have to undergo a titanic shift as younger people prefer to juggle several employers rather than be beholden to one

Meme of the day



What's Ripe

Meta ($META) ↑ 6.53% ↑

  • A wave of job cuts this week is a drop in the bucket compared to the piles of money Zuck is throwing at the metaverse
  • But the stock has gotten halved in the last 6 months, and investors are seeing value at these levels

Natural Gas Futures (NG00)

  • Nat gas has been trading like a meme stock lately, and futures got a big jump after an updated forecast for frigid U.S. temps this winter
  • Tankers with billions in gas are hanging out in European waters until prices rise, showing how insane the market is rn

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What's Rotten

Palantir ($PLTR) ↓ 11.48% ↓

  • $PLTR earned a whopping 1 penny per share in Q3, down from 4 cents a year ago
  • Big contracts with the military have kept it afloat, but all other revenue sources look light going into 2023

AMC Entertainment ($AMC, $APE) ↓ 5.66%, 3.82% ↓

  • The Black Panther sequel comes out this week (miss u Chadwick), and AMC HODLers have their fingers crossed for a big weekend
  • It’s been one L after another since $APE shares were issued, and the embattled theater chain needs some good news

Data Peel



Thought Banana

Boutta Cop Some Carbon Credits

A sweating planet has gotten short shrift amid all the other global chaos in the past few years.

This week at COP27 in Egypt, leaders will refocus on the pesky warming problem.

  • China, India, and Russia are noticeably absent, limiting the scale of change that can come out of the conference
  • Smaller countries will make the case that the biggest economies should pay to help them adapt and mitigate their emissions
  • Europe’s nat gas woes have put the energy ideal and the reality in stark contrast

The big question: Will these talks end with half-hearted pledges again, or can world leaders beat the odds and emerge with some sort of aligned global strategy?

Banana Brain Teaser

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