How volatile is the market right now??

Stock markets and idexes are at record highs. Last week the DOW closed above 17000 for the first time after the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced a drop in the unemployment rate from 6.3% to 6.1% and an additional 288,000 jobs. All of this is great, but how long will it last. Do you think there is a correction in the near future? Should investors be cautious and restructure their holdings?

What's your overall take on the current state of the economy?

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Obviously no one can say for certain, but the bull market has run a long trail. The volatility is extremely low now, and upside may be limited compared to potential downsides. Many metrics suggest that a correction will occur in the "near" future but that time (weeks, months, to a year) is anyone's guess. It could be longer due to government support propping it up.

You can never be certain, just differentiate your portfolio and don't invest any money that you need.

Read an interesting report about how market vol is down as leverage is not close to historic levels so not as much use as vol for a hedge. Volumes also have been historically low, it will be interesting to see how much of a spike we will see in the two if any meaningful correction happens (7+%).

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