NEEBank - Digital Bank Platform for Money 4.0


NEEBank is a global digital bank; it's operated and provides financial services all over the world online via mobile applications and websites.

NEEBank maintains its headquarters in Dubai (the UAE) and offices in India and Singapore. It's the first digital bank in the world to provide its services all over the world. Since its advantage is Blockchain technology, NEEBank is able
to get through the boundaries of borders, environment, currency differences, and communities. It operates 24/6 and completely free of charge (no registration fee, maintaining fee, payment or exchange fees, etc..)

Beside being the first NO-FEE bank in the world, NEEBank also owns many competitive features: high saving interest, appealing lending interest, no paper work, NEECREDIT - the first credit service to evaluate a person's credit automatically using AI, IoT and Blockchain.

Together with its services in Finance - Investment, NEEBank's international money transfer - remittance serivices are also seen as its strengths, an outstanding feature that NEEBank offers the market which makes money transfer simple, user-friendly for all clients from anywhere in the world.

NEEBank offers a chance to global partners - any individual, organizations or business person - who want to become its AGENTS, with a simple process with a multitude of benefits and advantages.


Money 4.0 is an encrypted unit of intermediary assets used to exchange services and products. Simply it is similar to banknotes. Money 4.0 appears as a medium of exchange and multipurpose transactions according to the need to simplify commerce and the growing trend of human e-commerce. Developed based on Blockchain technology, which provided distributed data and is named after the issuer. All transactions take place entirely on the Internet technology environment. Value for money 4.0 is accepted and priced according to the real needs and recognition of the community that accepts it.


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