Understanding of foreign exchange and foreign exchange transactions

The types of foreign exchange are divided into US dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Swiss franc, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar.
There are currently more than 30 foreign exchange international financial centers in the world. This is a huge system, the most important of which are London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Zurich, Singapore and Hong Kong. The trading hours of the foreign exchange market are 24 hours uninterrupted, starting from Sydney every day. With the business of various financial centers, first Tokyo and then London. . Finally, New York, unlike other financial markets, investors respond in a timely manner to exchange rate fluctuations caused by economic, social and political events in various countries.
Features of foreign exchange margin trading
1. The global trading volume is large, about 2.2 trillion US dollars a day participates, the number of people is large, there is no dealer manipulation
2. Two-way trading, there is no difference between bull and bear market, you can buy up and buy down, it is a mature and stable market.
3. Taking national economic investment as the goal is not an industry behavior, let alone a company's behavior. It can be fair, just, and open and objective transactions are well reflected on the k-line.
4. The transaction time is long, the global transaction is 24 hours, and the transaction can be carried out at any time.
5. The principle of leverage, with small gains. Only need to invest a small amount of money, you can get a zoom, 100 to 400 times the income
6. There are more data to analyze the trend, and there are many followers. The first-hand information obtained by traders can obtain relevant information in the first time
7. Short-term, medium-term, long-term and ultra-short-term investment funds can be made. Can deposit and withdraw at any time
8. Foreign exchange investment is currently an investment project that does not need to pay any taxes to the government
9. The rate of return is high. It takes a long time for general industry investment to recover the cost, and foreign exchange investment can recover the cost in a short time.
10. Fast transaction, instant transaction, low investment cost, 10% of the actual investment, the possibility of more than double the profit a day.
11. Risk controllability, stop loss and profit can be set
12. The handling fee is low, less than one thousandth

Comparison of foreign exchange and other investment products,
We are more familiar with real estate, bonds, stocks, futures, and the stock market in 2008. It did bring a great blow to many investors. In the case of the stock fund downturn in 2008, the foreign exchange futures varieties that can be traded in both directions have been recognized by most investors. Here I will list the more familiar ones. Comparison of investment products for everyone to learn.
1. Real estate is a 50% to 100% profit-making method of capital, and it can only be used for value preservation, and the capital is difficult to evaluate. Once it is locked in and seeks a buyer, the policy intervention is large.
2. Funds required by the fund are 100% profitable, profitable when rising, and loss when falling, capital risk is linked to the scale of fund types, the level of fund managers, and market investment options. The trading time is regulated by the variety, and the degree of control is subject to the investment market. Great influence, great policy intervention
3. 100% of the capital required for the stock, the profit method is to make a profit when it rises, and it is locked in a fall. The capital risk is subject to human manipulation, the risk is high, the transaction time is four hours, and the policy intervention is large.
4. The capital required in the futures market is about 10%, two-way trading, rapid return rate, medium risk, time limit, and high control of some varieties
5. For foreign exchange margin trading, 1% of the capital required, two-way trading, with small gains, rapid returns, controllable risks, and 24 hours of trading time. There is no dealer intervention for transactions of more than US$5 trillion per day.

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