Am I screwed for 2025 (Target, no first rounds)

Sophomore at a target school with an objectively decent resume (multiple buy-side internships, high test scores, high GPA). Applied to around 25 firms so far with no responses. Lots of people around me have been getting interviews and offers, but I can't seem to land anything, and not really sure how to proceed.

Should I continue to network and potentially apply to some smaller MM's? Should I be focusing my networking on a couple of banks instead of trying to cast a wide net? Is it even worth networking atp since I'm getting little to no responses? I've tailored my resume and cover letters and don't know what else I can be doing.

Essentially wondering how I should approach these next couple of weeks - it feels like time is running out and firms are filling spots rapidly. Thanks for any advice. 

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Best advice would be quality over quantity at this point- pick ~3 groups that haven’t moved yet and network super hard with alums from your school, should be enough to give you a few strong SDs and a good chance at an offer


this is so true tbh we literally do not have time to talk to 5+ ppl at each firm


I think that’s a great number! I think at the end of the day it’s luck… you could be the smartest guy in the room but if some person doesn’t root for you then you won’t get the interview. I’m from a non-target and I networked with 104 current bankers... I’m struggling to get interviews. It really is just luck, cause most kids have the same answers to technicals and behaviorals. In my eyes no one is really unique cause every student on WSO can do the job realistically. 

My piece of advice would be to reach out to your alumni ASAP. And email them and said you submitted an app and would love to quickly chat. 


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