Not sure what you mean but I assume this would fall under an ESTA? Which doesn’t give you a work authorization either 

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ESTA is a visa waiver for a maximum of 90 days. Not applicable here.

Even IF somehow you ended up with an F-1 visa, you can’t study abroad and recruit, then return over a year later for an internship, then start full-time another year later. It doesn’t work like that. 

Mind you, even full-time international students face an uphill battle recruiting - as someone from one of your neighboring countries who went the M7 MBA > US IB route, I can tell you from experience. Several banks don’t hire internationals even when they qualify for 3 years of employment, i.e., well beyond the analyst program. It’s a shit show as is. I guarantee you, even absent employment authorization restrictions, banks won’t go for it.

If you want to be in the US, recruit for London or Frankfurt and transfer, which you can do after 12 months of full-time employment but realistically after your analyst stint. If that ship has sailed, then you can break in later via an MBA. But you can’t game the system and waltz in sideways as an exchange student.

What is your current status you are under?

Unless you get sponsored by family, a company, or have a valid work permit or residency card - no chance of breaking in anywhere. All essential companies use E-Verify.

The other option would be to hold key citizenship routes like Australian on E3, Canadian on TN, (..) - but won't comment further as I don't know the citizenship you hold.

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